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Pungent Stench DID NOT play the Creepy Crawl in St. Louis, MO on February 22, 2003. They cancelled the show. Please remove this listing.

Greetings...Just a quick note to let you know that Fudge Tunnel did not play St. Louis, MO on April 1, 1994. Please remove this setlist.

Brilliant updates on Therapy?, thanks!

Thanks for the reply

Just to correct you, PM5K didn't play at the Whiskey on June 12th in 1998. They only performed that show once for that year on the next day, 13th, which has already been added. The source link you included may have possibly meant this day instead of the 12th.

Can you please add the setlist from the Overkill show at Clifton Park, NY, 2001?

Again you added a venue which already existed (with two l at the end). You get a message that a similarly named venue already exists, so pay attention when confirming.

Please be careful again when adding venues which may already exist

Hey. I just wanted to say that you are doing a great job digging up unknown venues. Thanks for including source proof too.

Thanks. I deleted the other ones you reported without asking for a source because I trust your judgement but this one looked like it might have been real. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

You need to post a source for your reasons for requesting setlist deletions. Why do you ink this setlist isn't valid

....das U2 - Ultravision war knapp 20 Jahre lang die Heimat sämtlicher Metaller aus dem Allgäu und Umgebung, zuerst in Badwörishofen, ab 1997 in Mindelheim...
that means:
1987-1997 in Bad Wörishofen
1997-2006 in Mindelsheim

I'm pretty sure you have because there were two Unknown Venues in both cities with at least two setlists for one of each. When looking who made the first setlist with the lesser attended Unknown Venue (which was recent) you came up as the person who first added a setlist.

For some reason your second (and subsequent) comment was flagged as spam. I've just cleaned it up - does it look good now?

Which Hellacopters setlist are you talking about?

There was already a venue called Kadee in Bornem Belgium, so no need to create a similar named one

Hi there, you submitted a bunch of Biohazard setlists for deletion. Rather than deleting them, I have created the correct artist (LWS Inc.) on musicbrainz.

In a few days time when the new artist is available for import into our system, please could you instead edit the Biohazard setlists to this correct artist instead of having them deleted? Thanks very much for your efforts!!

It's difficult to find your source on the link
maybe they performed twice in that venue

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