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Ik heb verschillende bronnen bekeken waaronder Facebook event wat vaak nog het actueelst is, en zag niks over de annulatie van dat evenement. Het is niet altijd even duidelijk wat wel en wat niet doorgaat. Maar zal er zeker rekening mee houden eveneens met de ‘festivals’.

Thanks for the tips, especially waiting before importing new artists. Stay safe!

Thanks for sorting out Hi De Ho - Re The City / Carole King - user/dlmc correctly pointed out the error of this song allocation on this setlist edits:


"Wasn't Born to Follow" was also on the same The City album but known as "I Wasn't Born to Follow"


user/dlmc has pointed out that the song "Hi De Ho" credited to Carle King was first released on the album "Now That Everything's Been Said" by The City. Carole King was the lead singer and songwriter of The City. Therefore should the song which was noted as "That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)" on that album be credited to that album and by The City. That album also included "I Wasn't Born to Follow" which was made famous by a Byrds cover and is on Setlist as "Wasn't Born to Follow" by Carole King.
Both these songs are on Musicbrainz on The City album, however, I cannot make the entries trigger The City album in the statistics. Can you help?





Okay thanks.
(inmiddels toch ook es een mailtje geprobeerd aan info@seasidefestival.be aangaande editie 1986 te Veurne)

Vraagje: wanneer ik bepaalde concerten wil ingeven die doorgingen in de Vooruit te Gent ontvang ik de volgende foutmelding:
The date you entered is outside the open/close dates of this venue. Please verify that the date and venue name are correct.
Beetje vreemd, want ik beschik over vier tickets betreffende optredens waarop ik aanwezig was en die wel degelijk in de Concertzaal van de Vooruit zijn doorgegaan,
meer bepaald
Vernon Reid (2 november 1996)
Bill Laswell/Material (12 februari 2004)
Star Warz XL (met o.m. Goldie, Marcus Intalex,…) (29 juni 2006)
Fifty Foot Combo (“afscheidsconcert” op 25 november 2006)
Enig idee hoe dit euvel kan worden verholpen?
Bij voorbaat dank!

Dirk, I also have 3 physical copies of albums that have the song written “Dance, Dance, Dance”. I have shown you 17 links, including the ones defined by this site’s guidelines as how we are to source title punctuation (musicbrainz, wikipedia, amazon) that show the title with the commas. so your 1 copy/ instance overrides all that?

Dirk, Every pressing/copy, printed cover and online source of this song uses the commas in the title with the exception of the one listing you pasted in the Michael Kiwanuka setlist (which I’m not sure why you pasted- it shows the song created to Neil Young & Crazy Horse when you just completed all the edits to change the credit to just Neil Young.
“Dance, Dance, Dance” with the commas
wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crazy_Horse_(album)
AppleMusic: h�t�t�p�s�:�/�/�m�u�s�i�c�.�a�p�p�l�e�.�c�o�m�/�u�s�/�a�l�b�u�m�/�d�a�n�c�e�-�d�a�n�c�e�-�d�a�n�c�e�/�3�4�0�8�9�4�3�4�2�?�i�=�3�4�0�8�9�4�8�4�4�
Original album art:
Original album art in radio ad video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnTMXo4_O18
8-track album art:
The New Seekers cover (of the Crazy Horse song) album art: https://eil.com/shop/moreinfo.asp?catalogid=588350
radio station album copy art with printed label: https://www.discogs.com/Crazy-Horse-Crazy-Horse/release/5971077

This isn’t about the @Cover credit - I had originally assigned to Neil Young when I added/edited to a Mumfrod & Sons setlist and Executive Chimp changed to Crazy Horse. If you two have agreed it should be Neil Young then cool.

Also, all the track listings on musicbrainz, assorted credit sites, streaming sites etc. list the title with the commas "Dance, Dance, Dance"
Is there a reason you removed them? Per the guidelines sourcing verification I beleive the commas should be in the title.

Hi. You just updated "Dance, Dance, Dance" on a bunch of setlists to @Cover Neil Young. On this one it was originally @Cover Neil Young and you changed it to @Cover Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Was that an oversight/bad copy paste of MBID or was there something different about the version played that designates it a Neil Young & Crazy Horse song vs all the other renditions?

Ja, je hebt gelijk, ik was wél op die editie in Veurne. Tiens, in mijn geheugen stond die nog geboekstaafd als zijnde in De Panne... Die editie in Veurne heb ik niet met de fiets maar met de auto gedaan, herinner ik mij nu (was er toen al 20). The search continues...

Dacht wel dat je ook 't adres in Veurne wil. Daar kan ik je niet mee helpen. Helemaal op 't eind van het artikel staat wel een e-mailadres... info@seasidefestival.be
Misschien daar es proberen? Ik denk niet dat ik naar de Veurne-editie ben geweest. Wel nog met de fiets van Elversele naar De Panne gereisd voor enkele edities aldaar. Zo'n goeie 120 km met het tentje onder de snelbinder. Zie het de jeugd van vandaag niet meteen doen...

Terrein "Bella Boy" weide aan de Oosthoek te De Panne, dat was de exacte locatie volgens mij.
Gewoon effe seaside festival de panne googlen en op afbeeldingen klikken, dan krijg je zelfs foto's van tickets met vermelding van die locatie.

Ik probeer een dezer dagen es in mijn archieven te snuisteren; we vinden die Seaside-locatie wel. Mocht je mensen kennen die op facebook zitten, kunnen zij via die weg misschien ook al es de vraag stellen bij de organisatoren (dezelfde mensen die enkele jaren terug de documentaire over The Sound in de Post in Oostende hebben vertoond)

Betreffende locatie Seaside festival... ik zou het niet meteen weten, moet ik zelf ook es opzoeken. Er is wel een facebook groep van de vroegere organisatoren van Seaside... die mensen zullen je wellicht sneller kunnen helpen. Zelf zit ik (niet meer) op facebook.

Dear Sir, The reason I edited the shows that you just reverted was because as I am going through my Cassettes of Live concerts and trying to update your web page as I convert these to Digital format. I have a physical copy of everything I have edited.

Hi Dirk, I'm not going to argue with you about Aynsley Dunbar, but the band existed from 1968 to 1970 and there are plenty of pics and references to them playing Amougies online. I wasn't aked by the site to provide references, so didn't even think to do so. Here's one example: http://www.zappateers.com/bb/viewtopic.php?p=371358&sid=96ea6df5935ee9fe398294738454571e

Ah. Actually, all EC acts already had that medley assigned to EC&SN, except for EC solo. All I did today was move the EC stats too.

It looks like that particular medley was first performed by EC & The Confederates though, so I considered moving all to there. However I didn't in the end, as the EC wiki wouldn't let me easily work out if this was in fact true.

This is a grey area, and I haven't found anyone else agreeing with me (except for PhilipeLandry) on this. I like the idea of grouping all performances of the same mwdely. Unfortunately, a cover tag is the only way to do this (I haven't really explored the new mod medley feature - would this address it?). This works well for EC examples, who plays the same medley across many of his stage acts. Another good example is a medley The Beatles used to play (I can't remember the name), and many tribute acts perform the same medley (and other artists as regular covers too). It would be great to be able to group these, but for a very long time it hasn't been (officially) possible.

What did I do? I've just spent a few hours working on his stats.

Dag Dirk,

ze streamen dit weekend alle Zomerbar-concerten op de website van Proximus Pickx! Hier heb je de link: https://www.proximus.be/pickx/nl/festivals/rockwerchter/live


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