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Hoi Dirk,
Tijden terug is ook voor Patronaat onderscheiding in de zalen gemaakt. Alleen het kan aan mij liggen, maar ik vind het onmogelijk om te vinden in welke zaal een concert gespeeld wordt. De website vermeldt dit namelijk niet. Deze bijvoorbeeld:
Ik kan nergens vinden (niet op de website, niet op de FB-event pagina, niet op de ticketlink...) in welke zaal dit plaats vind, en er zijn er nogal wat in de Patronaat. Ben hier al eerder tegenaan gelopen. Heb er maar op gegokt dat het net zo is als in het Paradiso archief: geen specifieke vermelding = grote zaal. Maar weet dat in dit geval niet 100% zeker.
Ik pleit er zeker niet voor om het voor Patronaat terug te draaien, maar wilde je toch even vermelden dat het voor deze venue totaal niet duidelijk is.

On YouTube especially @CapitalFM there are most of the videos from the Jingle Bell Ball

Someone keeps removing the following setlist at bbc elstree, borehamwood

Wish you well [with becky Hill] (played twice)
Recording of Top of the pops christmas 2019

Freya ridings
Recording of Top of the pops christmas 2019

Freya Ridings
Love is fire
Recording of Top of the pops New years eve 2019

Jax jones
This is real [with ella Henderson]
Recording of Top of the pops christmas 2019

Aj tracey
Ladbrook grove [with jorja smith]
Recording of Top of the pops christmas 2019

I was there if you want proof i can send you a pic of my ticket

Hi Dirk, regarding https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/ken-stringfellow/2009/musimundo-florida-buenos-aires-argentina-53d63781.html :

Those shows were advertised as Ken Stringfellow from the Disciplines because their first record had just been released in Argentina, but it was just him. The Posies and solo songs I listed were a sort of little encore for us fans, they were improvised on the spot after I asked if he was going to play any of those songs the following day. Hope that helps.

https://bnds.us/lm1dw1 - reason why Motorama plays saturday the 7th dec. 2019 at Arlon, L'entrepot.

Danhur is at it again. Creating tour names for those blink shows in the UK in October.

I noticed you were asking about the Posies performance at Bumbershoot 1991. It's also mentioned in this Bumbershoot lineup history, though they don't mention which bands played on which days. Probably safe to add on the Posies concert history document:


Zoals gevraagd heb ik de venue aangepast.


The shows I have attended at Kavka, were both in the Oudaan location. I don't recall going to the Zappa location. Please remove your comment from my page, thank you.

Yes that's the one that's wrong, the word "único" in Não Sou o Único has an accent

Hello Dirk. I am just following guidelines. Cheers.

Would it be possible for you to assign the concerts you attended in KavKa Antwerp to the correct venue either
https://www.setlist.fm/venue/kavka-oudaan-antwerp-belgium-53d3cfa5.html https://www.setlist.fm/venue/kavka-zappa-antwerp-belgium-4bd3cfa6.html
Thanks in advance.


hi, the setlists are at the correct venues (see comment you made on my profile). they were performed at kavka zappa and not oudaan. they're two different venues. thanks for trying to help but i always know where i go and what i see and i never make setlists for concerts i did not attend, so be sure i am careful and i know what i am doing :)

Would it be possible for you to assign the concerts you attended in KavKa Antwerp to the correct venue either
https://www.setlist.fm/venue/kavka-oudaan-antwerp-belgium-53d3cfa5.html of https://www.setlist.fm/venue/kavka-zappa-antwerp-belgium-4bd3cfa6.html
Thanks in advance.
-> done

Hey Dirk merci voor de melding. Heb de venue gewijzigd voor ida nielsen zappa. Hopelijk ok zo?

Hi Dirk
I stick to the concerts I see myself and rarely change other setlists. It's not what I do.
Australia is a long way from other countries so we miss out on lots and in Jackson Browne's case he likes surfing and has been here many times. The stats should be about what he did in Australia and New Zealand ( our poor Kiwi cousins get less visits than us Aussies!) and not about what he did elsewhere.
Interesting though, I had a moderator change a setlist for the Animals several years ago and he didn't know the difference between the Animals and the later group Eric Burdon and the Animals (different line-up except Burdon, different record label and very different sound). Once I convinced him of the differences he set about changing a whole bunch of setlists and deleted my comments where I had provided the history. That's people.

The source is the artist himself. Thanks for your comment.

Reden voor verandering Stromae concert: er was al een setlist in de Zénith Toulouse op die dag. Naar mijn weten zijn er geen twee concerten gegeven op 1 dag (wikipedia bevestigt dit ook). Daarom veranderde ik het naar eentje die nog niet bestond en die dezelfde inhoud heeft. Is dit oké, of is het beter de setlist dan te verwijderen?

will do that over the course of the next week when I'll finally have a ton of free time to correct everything as well as bulk upload some live tapes I've got

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