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if u havent watched the youtube of austin waterloo instore
check out the arf verison of ontario
spontaneous cute funny

hi, posies show last night was great, very energetic, i thot new songs were very good, ask ken the titles he said they dont have any yet works in progress, the 4 that seemed like they had a title i ref but still left marked as unknown (u decide), a girl at my show said she had seen posies 122 times (i thot ur record was unbeatable) starting in 88, think she was from seattle,
i also added a song title called Medley of Snippits, i know it isnt correct for setlist, but when they play as many cover songs up to 20 for as long as 3 mins, the length of a typical song, i thot it should be noted somehow, and its something i notice they do at every show, feel free to change to fit standards of setlist
theres been a lot of good shows in dallas again this year

Hi! A few months ago you asked me to provide a source about a couple of Marillion shows in 1999. When I uploaded a bunch of Marillion setlists many years ago, I took them from their official website. I don't know if they still have them on it though.

However, labeling "Because the Night" as a Patti Smith Group cover is technically 100% wrong. 1.) Bruce wrote it alone himself, originally, and only plays live the version HE WROTE with his original lyrics. But the composition is 100% his, all of the music and the way it's arranged. 2.) HER VERSION is simply just Bruce's version with some alternate lyrics she changed for her version, garnering her a writing credit. 3.) Patti herself says IT'S A BRUCE SONG and always thanks him for letting her use it, because it gave her a much more successful career.

What happened to the setlists of No Idea and Maxim Zubic?

Hello dirkvandamme, can you please help me fix a problem that I inadvertently introduced in Dennis DeYoung setlists? I would like to associate the following YouTube posted video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPjJTAzx2i8) with the entry of "The End (The Beatles cover)" is a few setlists where I mistakenly entered an update of "Don't Let It End (Styx Song)" and its associated YouTube video. If you can advise on one entry then I will make the other corrections. See https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/dennis-deyoung/2019/rosemont-theatre-rosemont-il-739096e9.html for where the problem was introduced.

Heyo, I just wanted to check if it's possible by now to correct this tour name: https://www.setlist.fm/stats/sukekiyo-bdbb552.html?tour=73d02af5 to Naburi Jigoku?

Naar aanleiding van je vraag over het concert in de Vooruit in Gent dat ik bijwoonde (comment van 11 Dec 2018, 12:55) heb ik daaraan toegevoegd dat in het de Balzaal was. Kun je jouw comment verwijderen?

Concerten in Vooruit staan allemaal op concertzaal. Kan je de comment verwijderen? Thanks!

Hi, I have cleaned venues without setlist up in Japan. : )

Hi! I was wondering if you can look at this setlist since I don't know Dutch:


Would you mind erasing all the message you personally sent me? They are old discussion that are overs. We don't need them no more.

Dirk, zou je jouw comments op mijn pagina willen deleten?

Dear Dirk Please delete your comments from my page : observe the GDPR rules ! Thank you

Please rename the following festival:
To "Camper Van Beethoven & Cracker Campout 11"
to "Camper Van Beethoven & Cracker Campout 1"


This is their version of the Canadian National Anthem:


Should be changed to:

Ô Canada @Cover[7622b8cb-1409-4735-a251-253d269b2fc7]

Hello Dirk!
I just left a comment on this user profile: https://www.setlist.fm/user/VictorTonon
I noticed he made a change of venue in a show that was cancelled. I asked him to show a source, as I attended the previous show of Angra on that weekend, and it sounds strange to me that they played in a another city without any advertisement. Thanks!

Hey, het lukt me niet om het nieuwe album van Biffy Clyro toe te voegen? Op musicbrainz staat het onder soundtrack + album. Kan het zijn dat het daarom niet lukt?
Nummers Adored en Different Kind of Love komen van dit album. https://www.setlist.fm/stats/songs/biffy-clyro-13d6bdf9.html?song=Adored

i did it, thanks for reporting. it was 100% save us and not junior's farm.

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