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i found a personal comment on fb , mention seeing a show at Cowboys in dallas in mid 80s, that it was off Garland Rd & Gaston, dont think thats enuf to go with tho, but prob suggests a diff place, im still making more entries for cowboys in 1987, hoping to see an ad

Thank You Ben

Did you visit David Hasselhoff's concert in Canada in 2018?

Hi, I'm new here and I was just adding a Kenny Chesney Setlist from 2003. I wanna know how I did on the sources
link to the setlist

Hi Ben, we are all devastated that Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa closed after 40 years!!!!
Can you place this venue as closed as of September 27th of this year. If not, I can send it to the forum. No big deal.

Have you been to ANY live shows? I finally saw my first live show in 7 months:
Yonder Mountain String Band in Cincinnati. It was a socially distanced with all protocols in place. I'm ready for life to go back to normal!
Cheers, Dr. AL

Thanks for the report. I'm using this setlist to delete fake artist with feruring and VS ans so on. Yoy may notice that there were over 1000 edits. I had another date or 3 on the 1940s to similar effect. So if it was deleted I would have made another 1940 date with unknown venue and city. Keep up the good work

And apparently Bush Punk Cowboys (also on that poster) began in 1995, which rules out it being 1993 dates:

Hi Ben,
Do you remember if you added open/close dates here?

I've come across a bunch of dates from "20 years ago" - day of the week closest match is 1999, but according to venue pages (and existing setlist dates) Tatts wasn't open between 1996-2002.

The other options are 1993 (seems quite an overshot for "20 years ago") and 2004 (but Ragadoll seem to have ceased in 2002).

Any ideas?

bendobrin, you left 3 comments to me on Sep 13, 22, & 28. I'm not a person who "lives" on the site, and thus did not see your comments. And, likewise, I was not aware of recent changes made to "sourcing" show info rules, and thus struggled at first to create a "workaround" to continue being a contributor to this site. I have spent outrageous amounts of time in the past trying to tweak setlists to their correct state, so that others could benefit. I was not snubbing or ignoring you. I am currently experiencing problems creating setlists for the artist Davy Knowles. I have entered 3 of his recent shows tonight, only to see them evaporate, minutes later. I am certain guidelines were followed in all cases. Wondering if this is a broader issue, or if I am somehow being "watched" or "punished"? If my ability to edit/create is being curtailed, please restore. In all cases with tonight's 3 adds, guidelines were followed. As to your original question to me, I was at the Toots show in question, and was witness to the proper setlist...
2020-10-11 2:58am

i kinda think Cowboys is diff venue also, but the 1993 date was in yelp or tripadviser link which i see i didnt copy so not much trust anyway, thats why i asked ur opt, ok lets wait

venue listed as "Cowboys" for the joe ely (1990) and bobby smith (1987), the shows earlier than 1993, could be a diff venue but i could not find info online more than what we have
this link shows opening as 1993
it already has a joe ely entry in 1990
and about to add several in 1987 Bobby Smith & the Country Blues
if u think we need another Cowboys entry for Dallas, add and convert these or ask me
what do u think
this is described an outdoor festival type venue stage on multi acres, i saw something online where Muddy Creek is called a Preserve, no exact address, Buddy calls it Wylie, online calls the preserve border both Wylie and Sachse,
directions in Buddy - From LBJ (635): Take Hwy 78 (Garland Rd) North approx. 10 mi concert on the right
From Plano: Take North Central Expwy (75) to FM 544 East approx. 10 mi to Hwy 78 turn South & proceed 1 mi concert on the left

Its Not Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour and I am right is Bill Clinton's presidential Reunion at Lincoln Memorial.
source Buddy magazine Aug 87 Vol.15 #2 - Aug 31 The HOP "15th Anniversary Bash"
i wouldnt take it as Specific to Aug 31, but certainly 1972 as opening

Why I can‘t edit setlists?
E.g. there was this concert by grunge band Dandelion that played a gig on 12th May 1993 at the NSect Club. Now the page is deleted. Why?

I realize Swans were in existence well before 1999. But Gira ended the band in 1997, and did not reform it until 2009. In 1999, he was focusing on his Angels of Light project. There were no Swans concerts between 1998-2009. The setlist is assuredly incorrect and ought to be deleted. There is no evidence anywhere on the internet that this concert occurred.

well yeah that makes sense but the thing is most of these sets aren't available on mixcloud, youtube etc.
i will provide with sources from now on though!

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