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Derick12 continues to add setlists before a show ends. He did it with the KISS show from tonight & flipped out when someone deleted it.

Any tips on finding an Infectious Grooves show at the Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas in 95/96 or the School of Fish show at Calamity Jayne's in Las Vegas in 1991? I also have been searching for the Smithereens show at the old Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas Aug of 1994, any trick to find the day?

You recently left me questions about the Ambrosia show on 10/5/90 & the Angela Bofill show on 10/18/90, both at Calamity Jayne's in Las Vegas. My source is a photo of the Oct/Nov partial house concert schedule. It can be viewed at
I am fairly new to this awesome site and I can assure you I have no interest in posting bogus shows to this site. I either went to the show or have found info on other shows while reasearching my shows. If I find info/flyers on shows, my hope is to help others trying to find information on shows they have attended. This is an awesome community site! Any tips or tricks you would like to share would be greatly appreciated.

Someone keeps removing the following setlist at bbc elstree, borehamwood

Wish you well [with becky Hill] (played twice)
Recording of Top of the pops christmas 2019

Freya ridings
Recording of Top of the pops christmas 2019

Freya Ridings
Love is fire
Recording of Top of the pops New years eve 2019

Jax jones
This is real [with ella Henderson]
Recording of Top of the pops christmas 2019

Aj tracey
Ladbrook grove [with jorja smith]
Recording of Top of the pops christmas 2019

I was there if you want proof i can send you a pic of my ticket

Hello, I have to ask you for help on a James Taylor concert, Dec 4, 1970, Cincinnati Music Hall. It is billed as JT but Carole King does the first half., then joins him in the second half. Many of their songs are given in the link provided.
I was so lucky this week to come across a link to The Independent Eye the Cincinnati underground newspaper archives of the 70's! It provides a lot of information.
Thank you, thank you. Jackie

It’s not cool to Shadowban someone with no explanation

The following performance took place on June 4th, 1932:
The system won't let me post prior to 1940. But I know some posted sets predate this, such as:

Can you fix this? I tried the forum and did not hear back.

Hey id actually like to hear back from the moderators because I’m being payed to update a local bands Setlist.

Am I banned from editing or something, it’d be nice to know!

Ok I’ll do that from now on, can I please edit the concert my fathers band is putting on without it getting deleted?

Why does the Setlist I keep trying to make keep getting deleted???

You asked for my sources for lady Gaga edits. Gagapedia and YouTube video

all i wanted to do was to include the album party at the bottom of the setlist but i can't

Please explain to danhur the tour name guidelines.

I like to add some Ira!'s setlists, but i'm blocked and i don't know why.

Okay now I know that someone is messing with me & I don't appreciate it. I'm blocked from editing & adding setlists again. I added a few earlier tonight, too. Someone doesn't like me here.

She played the show in Birmingham, just not any of those songs. For some reason the user input 3 songs she's never ever played live before.

Hello, you seem to have a personal relationship with said user that is harassing me and editing me. Could you please provide me with an unbiased moderator to help with this issue. You only further piled on to the fascism. It’s not about spelling at all. And I have no issue with properly editing song titles. Setlist is spelled correctly if you look and I tired to revert it to have the songs and my info tags but said user refused to leave my language in as he claims his to be better. It’s about my freedom of choice in wording and you’ve taken that away form me to side with a setlist fascist. Why not inform the other user to not edit the the info tags of a setlist he was not at? Why have I been locked out of a set that I am the source of? Again I ask, what are my rights here and why am I being vilified over the complaint of a user that has a long history of complaints? Please explain and advise. Thank you.

Well this is disappointing and the fact that I have to address this issue, and the curtness of your post, makes me wonder if you bothered to check the edit history of said set. Either way here it is: I attended the show and entered the songs of the set. I am the source of the show. I also included an info tag that is completely appropriate and follows the guidelines of the website. This other user, who did not attend the show, continues to edit that info tag into the wording of his choice. I reverted my info tag back and was told by said user that his wording is better. That’s fascism and I have the right to choose against that! Ive had to do so by deleting the songs of the set that I am the source of. If I don’t have a right to this please explain to me what rights I have in this matter. Also, I have been a model member of this website and have never received any complaint, unlike other said user who hurled nothing but insults and threats at me. Thank you.

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