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Can you please change the tours of these Metallica shows to Wherever We May Roam? Only the final European leg was called Nowhere Else To Roam.

Sorry mate, I was trying to have some fun, I've stopped now so don't worry, if you need anything else dm me

Delvis67 continues to add KISS setlists before they even happen. Including tonight's show six hours ago:

He seems to pop up every week or so just to mess with the same 5-6 setlists. So annoying!

Every single edit this guy has made is completely unnecessary.

I was just thinking....
I know the guys who manages The Crowbar in Ybor City.
he use to be the G.M. for The Masquerade.
If you want to hold off for a bit, I could speak with him and get more reliable info?

I double checked tickets stubs
It was still Ritz Theatre at the end of 94.
Likely it became The Masquerade in 95 or 96.
When Tool played there in 96
It was The Masquerade


That sounds pretty close to being spot on
I know all the 80s show and most of 90s
it was Ritz Theatre

To be sure, I am 100% certain, 2008 to current is Ritz Ybor, Tampa Fl
(so we have that covered at least)

The Ritz Theatre and The Cuban Club
back in the day, were legendary
Anybody touring would have one of these venues on their itinerary

*shows prior to 2008, for example, would be The Ritz Theatre, Ybor City (but listed as Tampa) Fl.

Maybe you could also assign The Ritz Theatre under the same heading, along with Masquerade (also known as)
I defer to your mod powers

Hi Ben,
just to clarify again.
To be sure, I went to many shows in the mid 90s (I have ticket stubs) as The Ritz Theatre.
The Masquerade was on the other end of Ybor but eventually moved into the space that is Ritz Ybor now.
However, the venue did not really go under The Ritz Ybor, until it reopened in 2008 after Masquerade closed in 2006. (basically rebranding after major reno)
Hope this helps.
Sorry to be a stickler, just aiming for accuracy here.

toyota music factory looks great and lets me add thanks

hopefully, this will help with The Masquerade (closed date)

Hi Ben, I forgot to add The Ritz/ Masquerade changed names multiple times.
(Like, it flip-flopped names maybe 4 or 5 times since the 80s )
It may be hard to lineup unless we specific beginning and end dates can be established for each.
I know The Masquerade closed in 06

HI Ben,
The Ritz (which was also The Masquerade) Crowbar, New World Brewery, The Rubb (Twilight), Czar, Orpheum are all technically in Ybor, but understand the designation.
Plus, The Cuban Club, Frankie's Patio etc.
Best, DR. AL

To Moderator: bendobrin,


I posted this setlist based on this Audience and FM sourced Bootleg.

Well... yes, unfortunately it goes without saying that it's not 100% sure.
I don't know what Taberav is at all but I may have mistaken...
So I will leave it to your judgement afterwards.

I'm very sorry for bothering you.

Best regards.

In regard to the Weird Al show, I attended that show, and provided a link. Here that link is again.

Every show other than that one has the orchestral introduction.

Thank you.

Hi Ben, Thanks for correcting State Theatre in St. Pete, Florida! Much Appreciated.
They are supposed to reopen? The last show their was a year ago!
Peace and Respect, Dr. AL-

Hi Ben, could you please chime in over here, seems like you know more about the Pink Floyd gigs (since you're mentioned in the forum entry):

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