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When changing the way of writing of songtitles it might be better to use the link to show other people why it is changed, so they may learn how to use the spelling here.

Hello and sorry for my late reply.
I found a photo of the flyer of Fred Frith Japan tour in 1981 and finished verification of venues as follows;
All of dates except Shinjuku LOFT was listed on the flyer.
Shinjuku LOFT show might have be added later.
Unfortunately, info of Mainichi Kokusai Salon in Osaka was not found. : )

My Dutch Posies friend surely has watched the livestream too.

I knew he was doing a birthday gig. But don't buy tickets to watch a show online. I'd rather have him performing at my place once more for my 60th birthday next year. But don't know if this will be allowed by that time.
Do you know the complete setlist?

hi, i see u updated
does that mean u found some info about show, i was passed out much of saturday, so i dont rem who played when, except late nite saturday and overflow into sunday early am, and there is a lack of info online, and i only have my ticket stubs no show info, was wondering what u found about fest, i think everyone but david allan coe, jerry jeff, jessi colter, waylon, willie played saturday b4 midnight, and willie played multi times with others, hey whats correct if artist played Sun 12am-3am list them as Sat or Sun, usually if the band doesnt finish b4 12midnight u still say they played previous day, trying to decide to move others to sat, thanks

thanks, no need, i was just trying to get another to see if same prob b4 i msg the forum, which i have and had a response already but no fix yet

can u import a new artist (old existing on musicbrainz) right now
they usually do immediately, i think my system is not allowing me to for some reason, but if u cant either then its setlist

doing good, going crazy without live shows, i did get to go to 2 live in person distancing shows after shutdown, which helped perk me up some, had tix to 2 other after shutdown shows cancelled due to reclosing bars, and of course 30+ shows i had purchased tix to b4 shutdown, most were cancelled, resched and then cancellled, 10 or so still pretending they r going to happen later in year, i have watched a few steaming shows but that doesnt work for me, i love the live noise energy and people, have had a few virus scares in family, after my last pre shutdown show ken stringfellow in march, a week later i was sick for over a week (mild symptoms doubt was THE virus) and passed it on to oldest daughter, in june my youngest daughter was sick over 2 weeks 100+ temp stayed in bed entire time, she was not allowed to visit doctor so they guessed treatment 1st meds made her feel worse, week later did a car visit to doctor office test (diagnosis was strep throat & sinus infection) news meds better in 3 days, 3 weeks ago july brother in law & sister in law (very bad) both were pretty sure they had THE virus, got tested after 10 days got results neg, this week they feel almost normal again. so we all prob didnt have it or did we, info and results is still very confusing, so im guessing u r around people with actual virus in the hospital amazing everyone working there doesnt get it, im retired so im not affected personally by non essential job shutdowns, but i am having a lot of trouble staying happy cus live concerts and live sports were all i did to raise my happiness factor, yahoo at least my hockey playoffs r going to start and finish? thanks for your part in helping people, and try to stay happy

great ur link works, joe ely site no longer has access or im just stupid, either could be right,
how r u and family+ doing healthy and somehow finding a way to stay happy i hope

hi, i was trying to access the joe ely tour archives site we used previously and cant access it anymore, can u

Hi, yes great work with Laurence.
Hi is and incredible guitar player. One of the pending I have on my list.....
I've been watching his "tea shows" during all over the quarantine (+100 days here in Argentine).
I've also take so time to complete all his discography on MB, so now all his songs (expert the new one) has an associated album!
Keep on working on it!

My handle RockerFanV, I catch Paul Gilbert, Dollyrots, Grant Lee Phillips and others...keep it up!

Fun--ya got the fast typin' fingers!

My pleasure! :-)

Any time! :-)

Cool... hopefully I can see one of her upcoming sets!

I’m busy too. I doubt it’ll be recorded and maintained to watch later, unfortunately. :(

Missed the Dollyrots, looks like it was a good one. They have opened for Joan Jett over the years, Jett doing her own StageIt show this week:

Hello there.
I'm looking for some swans shows and also I'm interested on exchange interesting ones.
Have you own anything about it?

Randy Jackson has really stuck with the shows and claims he will continue until there's a vaccine! Last I looked, they were still archived on the FB page.

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