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Anytime! : )

Hi Tom, I just checked Surfers, Zushi and found they use all lower cases. : )

Hi, Any time, welcome. It looks alright.
Just changed capitalization, taking precedence of their own one as usual in Japanese venue name. : )

Stay safe my friend. Worried about you with what I see going down in NOLA. Here in upstate NY things aren't too bad yet, certainly not like NYC and where you are.

hi, left dirk a msg and saw urs, ur near new orleans and work in hospital it seems, I wasn't really gonna to change my habits but the world decided to change them for me, no hockey to watch my fav sport and now all my concerts r getting cancelled, postponed, im not happy,
I would actually be somewhat concerned working at a hospital being around potential infections, from ur hospital end of things is this virus thing really super bad or is it just hyped big time by media, I saw ken last night Saturday great show had a full band with him, last show by anybody for a while it looks like

One thing that might come out of this crisis is production gets more local again. Seems nowhere in Europe there's a factory to produce mouthmasks.

During the Touched set, Ken asked if I had any requests, so first thing I asked was if he ever had done the Japanese bonus track, which he hadn't. He had to look up the lyrics, so he came up with some strange Belgian results on his smartphone. I had written some requests down while he played, 8 of them were played and the Big Star, Beatles and Beach Boys requests were replaced with others by the same group.
There were 22 people, half of them which I had never seen or met. Since some fans I knew couldn't or wouldn't come for various reasons, two persons contacted their friends. Everybody and Ken liked the event and setting, Ken told me he certainly wants to return to my place.

Measures against corona should have taken much earlier after governments saw what happened in China. Since Friday midnight here in Belgium all bars and restaurants are closed. Non Food shops are also closed in weekends. Since incubation time is two weeks the highest peak will probably arrive by then. Non urgent operations are postponed to have more free beds. Stupid people went Friday evening just over the border with the Netherlands to go to discotheques and so on. That's the region in Holland with most contaminations. So they might come back and infect more Belgians. Yesterday I watched an interesting program with a virologue, economist and specialist in international trade.

Thank you so much for letting me know!
My email is so we can more easily communicate.

Hey coffinjose,
I apologize for seemingly spamming you with comments. This should be the last one (I'm still trying to figure out how this website works). I'm writing a piece about the Kendall Cram Room at Tulane University, specifically focussing on its musical significance and history. You seem to have been to all the shows that are on this site involving the venue. If you were a student at Tulane or any other school in the NOLA area around that time, I'd love to hear about any information you have.

Not a stupid question at all: I thought I'd posted a comment under Friday's most recent 40th Anniversary show in New York and wondered why I couldn't find it anywhere at the time I posted my update to that setlist. The only reason I'd have looked at the London page and made such an inadvertent mistake to have left any comment there in the first place was because they also played "Cold Turkey" at the end of that set. So, no, I know nothing of the Rainbow set.

Hi Tom,
Any time, it is my pleasure to help you with venues in Japan!

Hello! Two years ago I contacted you about a tape you recorded at a Red Hot Chili Peppers show back in 1991 in New Orleans.

Do you think there's any chance to release that recordings? :) I would die to hear that show and complete the setlist.

Thanks a lot!

Hi coffinjose,
Let me know you that I found eM SEVEN in Koiwa, Tokyo.

Always happy to help re: Brainbombs
Hopefully I can find the time soon to slip the photo into some editing software so i can confirm order/songs

Haha, oh man, sorry. I meant the repeated Facebook links in the Hell Fire playlist comments. Don't mind me. Sincere thanks for fixing the band name! :)

Thanks for setting up the Monolord tour!

The Fillmore's website uses the more modern vertical logo that just says The Fillmore New Orleans and I noticed the other night that most the employees were wearing shirts with that logo on it. They have the old logo at the bottom of the site by the contact info, but honestly The Fillmore at Harrah's New Orleans is a bit wordy and probably unnecessary, and can just be used as an alias.

Hi, regarding the Grand Magus setlist in NOLA - I believe they played the same set as the previous show in Atlanta. I don't have the exact song names in front of me right now, but you can just copy that set for NOLA.

Yessir. Atcherservice.

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