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I’m busy too. I doubt it’ll be recorded and maintained to watch later, unfortunately. :(

Missed the Dollyrots, looks like it was a good one. They have opened for Joan Jett over the years, Jett doing her own StageIt show this week:

Hello there.
I'm looking for some swans shows and also I'm interested on exchange interesting ones.
Have you own anything about it?

Randy Jackson has really stuck with the shows and claims he will continue until there's a vaccine! Last I looked, they were still archived on the FB page.

See you are Zebra fan. Have you caught lead singer Randy Jackson's daily solo gigs? And twice a day on Fridays and Saturday:

Rock on!

No problem. It's the same with me, this is job number 2 (without pay of course). I just enjoy seeing the old shows get added like puzzle pieces being put into place. I appreciate everything you do here.

It looks like you found a bug. It's been fixed and you're back on the list! Thanks for reporting.

Weird! I'm not sure what happened but I do know that they have been updating the site today. One of the changes did affect edit numbers. I'll ask about it for you.

I won't control if you forgot any, but in the new edit form sources will be mandatory, no possibility to avoid listing sources.
I think some countries like Russia are not open about it. And I doubt the USA is neither.

Thanx so much for getting the Heavy The World set lists ball rolling here! Been friends with the band since the beginning! Relatively new to set lists FM, so it's good to get the info out, have to start somewhere. All the best!!

Someone added "Private Venue, New York, NY, USA" to the "Pathway to Paris" festival for April 26. As far as is concerned, all setlists at that venue on that date are part of the festival.

Clearly is not setup to handle festivals at "Private Venues" very well. I would suggest raising your concerns with the Administrators via the Forum or the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.


I hope that this message finds you well enough during these weird times.

Thank you for completing the Russell Gulley set list at the Foundry! Very happy to have discovered the release of "Howard" EP as a result!



The problem that a festival feature is that it marks all setlists bellow the venue that has name and dates that is configured. There is no way to exclude them, but changing the setlist venue.

I'm thinking in propose an exclude from festival feature to admins and programmers. Meanwhile, is to use an exclusive venue over conflicting festivals.

Hi coffinjose,

Josh Radnor was added into a festival because of the venue change and I didn't notice it. It is tricky because a festival was created with the Private Venue in Nashville (or maybe he want to tell his kids that he played in a festival during the quarantine with Jeff Bridges; just kidding). Let's see want we can do here. Thanks for raising this.

Anytime! : )

Hi Tom, I just checked Surfers, Zushi and found they use all lower cases. : )

Hi, Any time, welcome. It looks alright.
Just changed capitalization, taking precedence of their own one as usual in Japanese venue name. : )

Stay safe my friend. Worried about you with what I see going down in NOLA. Here in upstate NY things aren't too bad yet, certainly not like NYC and where you are.

hi, left dirk a msg and saw urs, ur near new orleans and work in hospital it seems, I wasn't really gonna to change my habits but the world decided to change them for me, no hockey to watch my fav sport and now all my concerts r getting cancelled, postponed, im not happy,
I would actually be somewhat concerned working at a hospital being around potential infections, from ur hospital end of things is this virus thing really super bad or is it just hyped big time by media, I saw ken last night Saturday great show had a full band with him, last show by anybody for a while it looks like

One thing that might come out of this crisis is production gets more local again. Seems nowhere in Europe there's a factory to produce mouthmasks.

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