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My problem is I cannot see the set list. It does not appear on the page. The very top of the page starts with the edit and comments section.

Hello. I am hoping you can help me. When I log on to the site, I no longer can see the set lists. No matter which artist I choose, i can only ever see the “edits and comments” page. No matter what I do, I can’t see a set list. Do I have some setting incorrectly configured? I would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you, Chris.


EC, can you fix this? It simply should be listed as Jannus Landing.
See venue stats.
venue has never been for Jannus Landing (now Jannus Live) gone under the "courtyard" moniker; it just happens to be in a courtyard.

this is the one rogue setlist for this venue. all best, Dr. AL

Thanks again for the consideration!

That's really good to know. I really do appreciate that. :) It's not that I'm terribly worried about giving that information out, it's that I'm living with my folks and it's their house, and it really wouldn't feel right if I gave that info out. Now, as I told Mr. Sparer, at some point down the road, when I'm living on my own, somewhere where I feel settled (like I'm not going anywhere anytime soon), I'll definitely take up your offer to become a mod. But for now, I'm pretty satisfied with my Roadie ranking and I'll just wait for a better time. :P

Hello, ExecutiveChimp

I just got done talking with Michael Sparer from setlist.fm about becoming a moderator. I had to decline becoming one because I wasn't comfortable giving out my address. I realize that it's an important security measure and I understand why they need it, but I just couldn't do it. It wouldn't feel right giving that information out, at least at the moment.

That being said, I really do appreciate you and the other mods for considering promoting me. It really means a lot and it is a great pleasure working alongside you all on here maintaining setlists. Thank you all. :) Mr. Sparer did say that I can email him if I ever change my mind, and at some point in the future, I just might do that. But for now, I'm comfortable with just being a Roadie.

Thanks again for considering me, I really do appreciate it. :) I just wanted to let you know what happened, so you wouldn't wonder.


I got an email from a Mr. Michael Sparer about it and I sent in a reply, but apparently he's out of the office until tomorrow, because I received a generated email immediately after I replied to him, so I'm expecting a response by then. :)

Hi there
RE: Zappa John & Yoko

You've made changed but left no comments to support those changes.
I'd like to ask why have you just made the changes to state that 3 of the tracks are John & Yoko covers? These were performed as a free form jam by all musicians on the night and not taken from anywhere else. The tracks are not covers of any other tracks. You've also removed the reference to "King Kong" which was partly performed during "Jamrag." So "Jamrag" is more a Zappa cover than a John & Yoko cover.
You've also removed the @Set[with John & Yoko], was this intentional
Many thanks

I actually did send a support email last year when you contacted me, but I never heard back from anyone. I also never received any other kind of email regarding the promotion from anyone since then. I check my mail multiple times every day, so believe me, I'm pretty good with seeing what comes my way.

Oh, okay! Absolutely! I haven't gotten anything yet, but I'm keeping my eyes open! :)

What is this email regarding?

Is there a reason the @Cover tag works for "John Lennon & Yoko Ono" but the @With tag doesn't?


How isn’t the Wikipedia tour page a reliable source? And the setlist is the same as all the other. So I don’t see how they’re not reliable

I'm really sorry, I didn't think to check the songwriter('s) on Wikipedia sorry, I assumed that both must have played some part in the composition.

Maybe you could please provide a sentence explaining the reasoning along with a Wikipedia link for similar batch edits in future cases? That way discussion/confusion can be avoided before it's even started :)

Hi there,
I see that you performed a batch-edit on Rihanna/Calvin Harris "We Found Love" back in April. I just wanted to point you towards this forum topic?

it looks to me like the song should be @Cover[Rihanna] - it was on her album in 2011 and Calvin Harris's in 2012.

I'll leave it for you to address in the forum?


okay, but please, when you have time, put the right dates and put the set lists in the right festivals when I mark them in the forums
Thank you very much


Thanks for that merge!

Peace Al

I saw you did some very recent updates for the following:

O-o-h Child

It still needs to be merged further for Destiny’s Child and Trey Anastasio Band
(As it is showing duplicates for these 2 artists only for this song)

O-o-h Child by Five Stairsteps

Total Plays
129 times by 17 Artists
First Played in Concert
March 18, 1971 by Roberta Flack at Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo, NY, USA
Most Recently Played
March 24, 2019 by Beth Orton at The Social, London, England

(Note it has been covered by 15 other artists as well)

I figured your moderator superpowers could fix this issue.

Peace and Respect


Further to Syl’s comment and my previous one:

Sly notes that the song must be credited to the proper record because of the title. In fact, Gwen McCrae has but one show on setlist.fm, with no recorded setlist. Therefore, there are no statistics pointing to her record anyway.

Nor was her single release correctly credited anyway:


The single was NOT a double A-side and should not be listed as such on here.

Therefore, I believe the song should be listed as intended by its writers: “Always on My Mind”.

Hi, regarding “Always on My Mind”, it seems correct that Gwen MCrae’s version, although not recorded first, was released first. So the corrections you made to the song being her cover are correct. However, all evidence points to the correct title of the song being “Always on My Mind”, not “You Were Always on My Mind” (as Gwen McCrae retitled it). Every other version of the song (including its most popular iterations by Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley, and Pet Shop Boys) are titled correctly: “Always on My Mind”.

An LA Times article that contains interviews with the songwriters and the song’s publisher confirm the correct title:


Can you do a mass edit to correct the song title?

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