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https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/send-no-flowers/1995/mayfair-ballroom-newcastle-england-53ed0719.html Hi you created this setlist but it’s the wrong band.
This is the band from Liverpool.
The correct band were the send no flowers from Bristol active in the 90s the Name is pelt differently see link below. Can this be amended please. Thanks

Do you remember what your edit did here?

I think it might be related to this festival not having a venue:


Just to let you know there's a mistake in Tool's show 1998 08 23.
I've added 46&2 just after Undertow and i saw you deleted it.
By the way, just have a look here
You will see i'm right

Thank you

Have you reverted my Thin Lizzy December 17 gig at Hammersmith Odeon back to "Bad Reputation Tour"? It was actually a Christmas gig (which I attended) , not part of the Bad Rep tour which was 12 months previously.
Best wishes

I was talking about Danny Carey's solo at monster mash. Chocolate Chip Trip. Not sure if that was the first time he played it or not.

Hey I think you can change Danny's drum solo to Chocolate Chip Trip.

Thanks for the assist on the Atlanta Judah and the Lion set. I’m starting to do more edits this past year and am always learning something new!

Thank you for that ;)

Hi there
Is it possible to change the cover artist for just one song in all setlists without having to go into each setlist one at a time?
Whenever Emerson, Lake & Palmer performed Toccata it was a piece by Alberto Ginastera (who released his version in 1961) ELP released their version in 1973 with full credit to Alberto Ginastera. ELP also released a live version in 1974, again crediting Ginastera. A listen to Ginastera's version and it is the same as ELP's. I'm surprised it has not been corrected on here before now. I've changed one setlist but felt the task mamoth to go into each and every setlist to change it.
Can you help?

Hi. It is solidarity, nothing more than that. Luck.

This set by Judy Garland likely has the wrong date. London newspapers report her arriving for this set of shows in late December 1968. The first show was 12/30/1968.

London Observer 12/29/1968

Thanks for your work. I understand where you're coming from. There's been a lot of misinformation about the Lollapalooza tour. It started with Wikipedia, which still does not allow me to edit the tour page to update with the correct information, since according to them I represent the band, which is definitely not the case. Several of the wrong dates were indeed up on Below Empty. It was because they didn't make much sense on their own and were contradicted by band history that I started to look into it, trying to figure out what shows were actually played. I just commented on the 1992-08-12 Stanhope, NJ with a link to two newspaper articles that shed light on the side stage bands for that stop. Only one date (Reston, VA) remains. I have not been able to eliminate that one yet based on document research. The rest is pretty much clear. All my info and sources for the whole tour are collected here: https://belowempty.com/lollapalooza92/

Hi - I didn't see anywhere in the guidelines where '>' was disallowed following a song title; it's a pretty universally-accepted indication of one song blending into another seamlessly - as opposed to a Medley.

Apologies if that's not accepted practise on here.

Is there a way for us to talk easier than on here, posting comments back and forth? E-mail? Any type of instant messenging? I've done some more research and have a load of info for you on many shows, but don't want to spam or overwhelm you. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your consideration. I will compile the info and let you know. I'll probably update you once a week or two weeks. Like you, I don't have the time to do this full-time. I never meant for you to do the work, I was just asking if there is a way around the reCAPTCHA for me to mass-message the users that clicked 'I was there'. The site doesn't allow me to post the same message to more than one person.

Let's both become experts on Lollapalooza '92. May take me a few weeks, but I will continue what I start here: I will find info on all stops and list the bands that *did* appear on the side stage. Will also include sources, like the newspaper articles from 1992 linked here:

July 31 at Pine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI, USA:
Stone Temple Pilots did not perform here. Bands on the side stage were: Hannibals, Thought Industry, Boo Ya Tribe and Bronx Style Bob.
Source: Lansing State Journal article about the two shows in Michigan: https://belowempty.com/lolla92/1992-07-30_LansingStateJournal_Lolla92m.jpg

August 1 at Pine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI, USA: same thing

August 7 and 8 at
Stone Temple Pilots did not perform here. Bands on the side stage were local bands, Green Magnet School and Bronx Style Bob.
Source: Boston Globe article about the two shows in Massachusetts: https://belowempty.com/lolla92/1992-08-02_BostonGlobe_Lolla92m.jpg

Alright! Thank you very much

I know where you're coming from, maybe we can work together to fix this problem. Yes, those 240+ people clicked 'I attended', but what was the reason for you to add the all of those Lollapalooza dates in June of 2015 to STP's history to begin with? Did you have a source that I haven't found yet? I strongly believe that most of those 240+ people simply looked at Lollapalooza '92 (not denying they weren't there) and clicked it, not even remembering exactly which bands they saw, especially on the second stage. I will try and reach out to those people and see how specific their memory of STP is. Of the two shows that I believe STP was only at, they were mentioned in newspapers even before their album was out, so them not being mentioned for any of the other dates is kind of strange if they did appear.

Another way we could find out if and how many people click 'I was there' for shows that they could not have been at is if you added STP to all of the Lollapalooza dates of the next year (which we both agree that the band wasn't at) and see how many random people click 'I was there' for STP over a four year period of time.

You are sorely mistaken about the shows Stone Temple Pilots played on Lollapalooza in 1992, but if you want to keep them listed here, that's your call. I was just trying to help out, since it seemed you simply added all the Lollapalooza dates to STP's history on an afternoon in June 2015. People clicking "I was there most likely has nothing to do with STP and more with the Lollapalooza. name and city. Your reasoning about bad shows is surely more of an assumption than fact. You will not find reviews, set lists, photos or footage of the shows other than Phoenix or Irvine, because they didn't happen. In fact, there are several comments on this site on these very shows (Atlanta, for example) stating that STP wasn't there for that LollapLooza stop.

Those I've added were not recording sessions. The BBC one was broadcasted later so it should be added, the other ones were performances at some houses which I added because I saw there are other performances by Bob Dylan like that added in setlist.fm especially between 1960 and 1963

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