Terrapin Crossroads San Rafael Concert Setlists

City San Rafael, CA, United States (near San Francisco)

100 Yacht Club Drive
San Rafael, CA 94901

Also known as TXR
Nov 12 2019

Stu Allen & Mars Hotel at Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA, USA

  1. One of These Days
  2. Meet Me in the Morning
  3. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
  4. Moon Over Bourbon Street
  5. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
  6. Your Time Is Gonna Come
  7. Tell the Truth
  8. Do It Again
  9. Sitting in Limbo
  10. Cross Road Blues
Oct 16 2019

Shintaro Sakamoto at Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA, USA

  1. Birth of the Super Cult
  2. From The Dead
  3. Extremely Bad Man
  4. Another Planet
  5. Like an Obligation
  6. Mask On Mask
  7. A Stick and Slacks
  8. Love If Possible
  9. In A Phantom Mood
  10. You Can Be a Robot, Too
  11. Disco Is
  12. Let's Dance Raw
  13. ...
Oct 2 2019

Stephen Kellogg & Will Hoge at Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA, USA

  1. Pomp and Circumstance
  2. On the Road Again
  3. Goddam California
  4. Such a Way
  5. This Grand Charade
  6. Symphony of Joy
  7. The Likes of You
  8. High Highs, Low Lows
  9. The Bear
  10. Good Red Wine
  11. Nikki's a Republican Now
  12. A Face in the Crowd
  13. ...

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