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Grapevine Opry info was wrong and incomplete. Corrected now.

Green Elephant info here that clears up most of the questions.

Actually the Cardi's info was really useful. It confirms there were definitely two Cardi's and the addresses and Edgebrook name gives a rough idea of where Cardi's South was.

I created a new setlist for Monopoly's. Maybe something definitive will surface. One was probably Sep 27.

January opening date was my mistake. Duh. Tremors came up with Harker Heights address and not Killeen so I moved. No info on Tremors/Tremmors but there is a club at that address now so there's a good chance that it is right.
Good to hear that you are still kicking

The bug is still affecting some Musicbraina imports. The Admins are working on it.

So Loews Anatole Theater probably became Mistral in April 1984?

We'll use Nash St. House as an alias for now and see what else turns up, if anything.

I can't access the Newsbank stories without an account, which I no longer have. What would be the reopening date for the Agora?

wow. had no idea the agora was anything else. i was in that area a ton in college but only went to the club once. and i got lost getting there. lol.

There is no history of deleted as fake setlists unfortunately. But I don't recall seeing any of these reported for deletion. If I saw a setlist you created that was flagged I would doublecheck even if a source was provided. That doesn't mean that another Mod didn't delete them though.

Thanks for adding my photo to the Joe Ely Nick's Uptown w/ Charlie Sexton setlist post. I see some comments about the Agora closing and opening. I know it closed for awhile, but it also reopened for a bit. I saw the Arc Angels there in Dec of 1992.

Good article from March 1984 confirming Agora closing and becoming Monopoly's Park Place, the Tango name and probably some other info you can extract and/or might find interesting. I've yet to find anything about Agora reopening in the 90s but have posted links to sources for some of the shows held there the.

Yes I did. Google maps is wrong, which is rare. When you zoom out from the map they show you can clearly see the pin is in the correct Dallas location by the lake. But the address and zip given is wrong. I corrected ut on the venue page.

Address for Austin Roks gives a Garland location. Do you think it's right?

as for the agora ballroom in question, buddy magazine lied i guess. i’m happy to send a photo of the ticket stub to anybody for verification. it’s worn, but you can clearly ready the address of the venue on the stub.

I want to wrap up the Bluebird. It's not a significant venue historically and we have only one minor artist listed as appearing there. We're both spending too much time on it.

Earlier Club Tango shows moved to to 1986 by taberav who provided the review. It called the venue just "Tango" too.

Earlier Club Tango shows moved to Unknown Venue. The three later shows were created by totally unreliable users with no source given. I plan on moving them to Unknown Venue too unless you veto the idea.

The Simon and Garfunkel show in Houston the previous night that you commented on was cancelled by Hurricane Alicia so I am deleting it.

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