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Hey sabwh, you're right about the venue. I couldn't find much info when I did a quick search, so I used the name I saw in some behind the scenes footage.

For the tour name issue, I think the only way would be to remove the tour name completely from all the setlists that need to be changed, then add a new tour name that is written correctly. You might want to ask around in the forums too though.

Hey, sabwh
Roadies can edit tours for individual setlists. If a Roadie needs to change an entire tour , it can be done, but only if done one by one.

Now that you mention it, I recall a similar problem with one of sukekiyo's tours... it seems like correcting capitalisation isn't possible... shit, I completely forgot about that, I'm sorry! ><

Wait! It's not "of", it's "to"!

TOUR19 This Way to Self-Destruction

Heyo, is it possible to fix tour names? And if so, would it be also be possible for a Roadie to do that? And if so, how would I become a Roadie for DIR EN GREY? :D

If not, would you kindly correct their "TOUR19 This Way To Self-Destruction"? The "To" should be lowercase:

If it's generally possible, there might be some other tours that would need some corrections. Also, I'm not sure if it says so in the Guidelines, but should tours with Japanese titles be translated or not? I did so because I recall someone telling me, but I'm not entirely sure...

hi, for Nick Lowe Billboard Tokyo show, i attended 2nd show.

Thanks! :-)

Hi there,

Thanks for a perfect summary. Just a little remark. Raven are an English heavy metal band not American. :)

Hey sabwh, can you fix the open date for "Saitama Kaikan"? It opened in 1966, but it's currently set as 2001.

That clarifies it a bit. Judging from that wikipedia link, they indeed have strange and long tour names. For us non asians it just seems a bit weird since we're used to very clear and short tour names.

Quick question: is it normal that Asian bands/artists have an incredible amount of tours? For example, I found this one:
There are so many, very difficult if you ask me, tour names. I noticed it for more Asian acts and wondered if it's normal or if someone is being very creative with tour names.

Thank you!!!!

Sorry for disturbing again.
I cannot add setlist with same reason: The date you entered is outside the open/close dates of this venue. Please verify that the date and venue name are correct.

Manic Street Preachers @ Shiodome PIT, Tokyo, Japan on 27 Sep 2019 Friday

Thank you for your usual ardent work as Moderator.
I think you may solve my problem.
I can't enter a concert for Larry McNally, Sun 28 Sep 2019 at O-nest Shibuya Tokyo Japan, I get this error:
The date you entered is outside the open/close dates of this venue. Please verify that the date and venue name are correct.

Please someone help me.
The concert information on the internet are bellow:

Sorry I don't know which show.
I only know the setlist was for June 9th

Hey sabwh, can you edit the open date for BRONZE, Osaka? It currently says it opened in January 2014, but I've found a tweet that says that PassCode performed there in December 2013.

Hello, I actually did not attend that show and only edited to correct the capitalization of one song. Perhaps ask qedshybe who posted the setlist? Thanks

Hey sabwh, I was wondering if you could edit the open date for Ikebukuro CYBER.
It's currently listed as 2002, but I've found several pages online that say it's been open since 1993. cali gari also apparently played their first show their in 1993, so I think the current year is wrong.

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