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This setlist is wrong, yet it has been locked for editing. I pasted the YouTube link in a comment on the setlist. Please fix it.

Hey sabwh, can you edit the open date for BRONZE, Osaka? It currently says it opened in January 2014, but I've found a tweet that says that PassCode performed there in December 2013.

Hello, I actually did not attend that show and only edited to correct the capitalization of one song. Perhaps ask qedshybe who posted the setlist? Thanks

Hey sabwh, I was wondering if you could edit the open date for Ikebukuro CYBER.
It's currently listed as 2002, but I've found several pages online that say it's been open since 1993. cali gari also apparently played their first show their in 1993, so I think the current year is wrong.

THANK YOU for the help on those venues for Mal Waldron and Keith Tippett. I always appreciate the help you give me my friend!

I added even more Melt Banana setlists for Japan.

You can revue this video:

I could not locate B1 Matsue venue? Melt Banana played their on Sept. 17th 2016
If you would like to add that as well.

Thanks for all you do! Peace, Dr. AL

You're welcome! I was searching for 'festival' in tour names and you won't believe how many popped up!! It's really a mess worldwide! Doing the best I can to create a bit more order there. Already sent some people a message to please read the guidelines regarding tour/festival names.

actually, I meant to say "I am going through 45 edits" rather than "not going". So all is fixed again :-)

Seems like something got accidentally carried over when merging songs on a number of Wakeman with Wakeman setlists :-(
I am not going through 45 edits to try and fix the incorrect Last battle edits.. Damn Wakeman with his near identical song-titels :-S

Thanks again for all of your help!! You are truly one of my mentors on the site and I GREATLY appreciate all you do for me!! Tom :)

Hello again my friend! I added a venue that I want you to check on for me in Tokyo. It was called Iino Hall, but apparently it has been closed for a long time now. It is for a Cecil Taylor show in 1973. Thank you as always for all of your help!! Tom :)

Please edit those two Crusaders setlists in Japan for me. Sometimes the site has the years listed incorrectly. Thanks again for all of your help with the Japanese venues and news articles! More later...:)Tom

Thank you as always for your help! I was really trying to unravel the "mystery" of the Mt. Fuji Jazz festival. More later...:)Tom

First show

Hey, I don't know if you can help with this Ayaka Hirahara's name is mispelled as "Hirahana"

Thank you for fixing my entries :) I will try to complete more things!

Not exactly. I would agree that: “Generally, users do not know the change of venue name. Even if they know the change, they like to use old name they are accustomed to." But I do not agree that: "there is no need to add names at the moment of each event. Original name can cover all time."

According to the Guidelines, we should always use the name the venue had on the day of the concert. By adding aliases, however, users can find the new name even if they were only familiar with the previous name.

NPG was definitely the first show. It started at 7:00 pm.

I don't remember for sure, but I'm 90% sure I would have attended the second Jose Feliciano show and not the first.

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