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Just had a look at the @With[Elly-May Barnes] issue and was able to reproduce it. It reports an "Unknown Artist" when trying to add it. Using the mbid @With[2d807c39-d737-4c73-a182-db0f4f859f8d] works however. So my guess is that there's something wrong with the search by name. The dash in the name looks like a prime candidate for a trouble maker. Thanks for reporting, I'm writing a bug report.

Thanks for the clean-up on Kevn Kinney yesterday. Appreciate the efforts!


you entered this Navarone setlist https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/navarone/1998/white-sands-hotel-perth-australia-b9cc95a.html
This can not be right as this version of Navarone did not exist in 1998, they are Dutch and have not played in Australia as far as I know.

Hi, the August 9, 1986 INXS show was at the Coronado Theater (currently listed as "unknown venue"). On a side note, it was about 100 degrees that night in the theatre. Thank you.

Hi, sorry I hadn't replied earlier. I spoke to the couple of guys who went to the concert with me & Jeff had it that all the Midnight Oil concerts that week were at Cloudland (Ballroom). They did play in town (Brisbane) at the Queens Hotel the previous weekend. After Cloudland they were going to play at the Stage Door in Sydney for a week I think. Cloudland was great; saw Cold Chisel there a couple of times. Hope that helps. Regards, Michael

Can you pleaaeget jazzlober to stop putting in tours? Its pissing the hell outta me and I know hes been told before. All he does is put the bands latest album in the tour section. It's called tour not album cycle. He also just added a tour to a one off show I went to. Please make him stop, hes clouding up the entire last.fm.

Thank you! And I will! :)

Hello! I have a question regarding the website Musicbrainz. I recently created an account on there so I could add some releases for my friends' band, HANNAH. I added an EP and a single of theirs' about two or three days ago, and I made sure that all of the details were right. I've never done this before, so I was wondering, how can I get these releases to appear on setlist.fm? Is there something I'm supposed to do on Musicbrainz or on here (setlist.fm)..?

My friends' band is actually playing a reunion show next week and I wanted to surprise them by letting them know that I added all of their setlists on here. If there's anything I can do to get their releases listed on here, please let me know when you get the chance! I'd really appreciate it! Thank you! :)

hi. i went onto Musicbrainz about a month ago to create to acts, "Boney M feat. Maizie Williams" and also "Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers", but they still haven't appeared on Setlist.fm to be used :( am i doing something wrong??? i've done everything the Setlist website has told me to do, re: importing numbers across, etc

Thank you for making me Roadie.

I'll try my best to make some information more accurate as much as I can help.


Question regarding your changes to this set list

I understand this is a Steve Earle and the Del Mccoury Band show, however when Steve is solo you are saying he is covering himself and when The Del Mccoury Band is on stage alone performing their own set they are covering themselves.

This makes no sense to me.

just checked the Magic Dirt song and album issue and can confirm that you're right. It only imports the bonus disc. I'm not sure however if the listing on musicbrainz is correct like that. Should a bonus disc be added as separate release? Seems weird to me.

hi. how do i create "sub" groups on Setlist.FM etc, that are touring but have never released any music.
Eg: the Bay City Rollers don't tour anymore, but there are two groups "Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers" and "Bay City Rollers feat. Stuart 'Woody' Wood".
The same is also correct for Boney M which have two seperate groups touring with one original member each

Thank you very much for the explanation.

All the songs that I posted in the message on well been associated with the good album thank you very much.

hi, i noticed with have an incorrect venue name
Toyota Music Factory, Irving, TX, USA
that should be set up as an alias and convert 23 events to correct venue name
The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory, Irving, TX, USA

ok - 'Alias isn't solely used for alternative names, it's also used for search hints to prevent incorrect venue names being readded.'

hi, i see u added rubber glove as an alias, it is not , it was just someone entering an incorrect venue name, it should be deleted not an alias, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Denton, TX, USA is the one and only correct name, thanks

hi, do u want to delete this venue or should i post to forum,
incorrect venue name = Rubber Glove, Denton, TX, USA
correct venue name is set up = Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Denton, TX, USA
i already corrected the few incorrect venue names

Hi. A setlist I set up has just been wiped by Maq23. with comment fake date.
Know the band personally. copy of the recording of this gig/date passed to me
Is it possible for other users to amend on a whim? Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi, I just checked the Wayback Machine and it seems the shows were both in Hartlepool, not London. My bad on that one, I've fixed them now.

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