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In the past I have done the album reassignment myself, and it’s worked. Did something change with a recent update? I did the album assignment the same way I always did, and it did the admin request way for some reason.

In the document I uploaded two shows are listed. On one of the setlist I also wrote in the comment two shows. I'll add the information.

thanks for the reply re:Devon, I'll post in the forum tonight. While I've got you - can you take a look at this? I'm concerned that a confirmed/verified setlist was DELETED from this site. https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/setlist-i-enterededited-has-been-deletedis-missing-63d7b633

Thanks, I have it on my "reading list", just didn't weigh in yet. Everything heavily depends on whether we'd like to have streamed shows showing up in the stats eventually.

Can we revert the venue for Marcus Mumford's streams as Devon? I understand it's a county vs a village but when asked on the streams where he is streaming from that's his answer. In every interview when he and Carey Mulligan are asked where they live in the UK the answer is London and Devon. The article stated the property was purchased in 2013, maybe the location has changed but it's still somewhere in Devon. I'm asking on your wall so we can discuss. thanks.

I've pretty much finished up with Oz venues. I wish there was more info on 60s bands and their gigs but its all pretty generalized. I found some for the Wild Cherries but not much else that was concrete.

"Them Changes" and "Changes" were both released in 1970 a few months apart. Doesn't the studio version usually take precedence to a live version? If you want to batch edit them the other way that's fine, I don't really have that strong a preference, but I think that would be wrong considering you would be taking his most well-known song away from him based on Hendrix being able to get a live album out 3 months ahead of him.

Hi, sorry to bother you about this. I'm still not seeing the album "Singles 2018" as an option to assign on Mike Gent page. The album was entered into Musicbrainz a few weeks ago now.

So you need my help to assign Route 66 and Carol? And for Loose, it's a Stooges cover. Most of the songs performed are Stooges cover.

Hi. I'm not sure but I think I just set up the AR. I looked at a couple of his shows and it didn't say I reverted him.

Ok, thanks. Just checked, still not there. I'll give it a couple of more days.

Hi, yesterday, a new Mike Gent record "Singles 2018", was added to the database but we're not seeing it when trying to assign songs to it manually.

As a side-note, you've led me to discovering my flaw in this particular batch edit continuity.
I forgot to transfer all MK4/5 Smokes to said medley in the 74/75/76 touring circut.
I vaguely remember that I either forgot to did it, or if I'm simply wasn't (and still isn't) sure that all Smokes at the time were fitted with their daily dose of Georgia.
Either way, there's some work to be done here, thanks.

Concerning the Smoke/Georgia medley.

>>> "Do you have a strong reason to remove the tag? Or should we open a discussion in the forum?"

Yes indeed, there is a strong reason, which you've actually mentioned in your edit message.

>>> "Although it's not strictly proper use of the cover tag, Deep Purple played the same medley back in GH days and I would like to see all those performances grouped."

That pretty much sums it all up - a medley is a medley and should not be assigned to just one author, since there is two or more artists "participating" in a medley altogether.
I would also like to see all medleys grouped in the right way, but since setlist.fm database at the time does not allow hyperlinking same medleys as one across different artists performing it, I strongly disagree with putting the rules aside because someone personally want to see something "fit".
To be more precise - in this particular case I strongly disagree, because seeing a medley assigned to just one artist is plain wrong by all accounts of setlist.fm. In general I could be open about tweaking the rules for the sake of common sense, but just not in this case.
You can of course open a discussion about it in the forum, if you feel that it's needed :)

Hi! I see that you have added the Rose Tattoo gig in Oslo. This concert did not take place as it was cancel as Norway went into lockdown due to the coronavirus.


Hi!! I saw that you went to Chet Faker/Nick Murphy's concert in Lollapalooza 2015.
I went too. I'm writing to you to know if is possible that you recorded Cigarettes & Loneliness that day? You don't know how hard I've look for that video, but nobody has it.
This is my email in case you find it: cokipanda@gmail.com
Thank you!!

Thanks for the input. I will leave it as is.


Could you help out on The Bomber medley song by Joe Walsh which is listed as a James Gang song. https://www.setlist.fm/stats/joe-walsh-23d6b8b7.html
I listened to the song on YouTube and the Bolero part is the classical music piece by Ravel. I tried four times to delete the cover tag, to no avail.

Any thoughts on Bundeena, New South Wales? Seems like its borderline to be merged into Sydney. I'd say yes but am always cautious about merging out an existing locality.