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Last.fm event imports haven't worked for years. No big deal. Just more manual additions. :)

Hi Michael,

Please take a look at this post, not that much for its question but rather for the way moderator "childofthemoon":https://www.setlist.fm/user/childofthemoon (never heard of him since I've been involved in this website by the way) reacted twice to my edit of one of this setlist.

Seriously, is that a way to behave, furthermore between moderators ????


Hey Michi, are the @Info tags stating the last time a song plAyed no longer allowed? I’ve noticed this moderator: https://www.setlist.fm/user/childofthemoon

Removing them from a good chunk of John Mayer setlists. And then I’ve seen other Moderators use them on setlists for other acts. Which one is the correct format to use here?

Sorted RE Manics. Thanks for your guidance.

Yeah, I don't think that's the correct way for it to be listed on mb, but I do see it like that from time to time. I don't think I'll bother correcting it there, I'll just manually assign songs here when I get a chance.

Hi Michi, thanks for your comment about those support slots by the Manics. I hear you. The original attribution is wrong too, however: the This Is My Truth... tour was a specific thing. Those support sets don't fit the pattern, nor were they advertised as part of the This Is My Truth tour. In those circumstances, what's the best way to tag the tour? Is it better to have no tour listed? Thanks


Do you know why this song (among others) won't auto-assign to the correct album? Is setlist.fm only looking at the bonus disc release listed on mb?

My apologies for screwing up the Neil Young setlist. I was editing. I simply selected the wrong date. It was a mistake! People make mistakes. It was not intentional. There was no malice intended. People need to chill out. Sorry again!

I personally don’t see it as an encore. I posted on the page but the printed setlist said “intermission”. I assume the few minutes they spent not on stage was for Travis to get out of the cage and Matt & Mark to get back on the stage. To me it 100% wasn’t an encore.

Just wondering if I can get this blink set corrected. Don't know if you guys have come to an answer but this guy has just bullied my set on his opinion. I don't think that's right, he wasn't even at the show and his arguments make no sense. I asked him to stop and he would not. Would like to get it corrected.