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I saw that you went to Sleep and Big Business! Nice!
I am going next Monday to the show in Tampa.
It will be (X2) for Sleep and (X3) for Big Business.
Be well, AL-

Actually, they both needed to be merged into La Santa Modern Cantina so it was good to get the whole bunch of them sorted out.

Sure, no worries! Updated them with comments linking my source for each accordingly.

All fixed pal. 207 edit emails prevented from going out to everybody.

Thank you for correcting XMit on all the current Mark Knoplfer setlists. "An Evening With" simply means no opening acts and he should know that. I corrected them all earlier and got in trouble.

Hi Livemusicfan, Sorry 2 bother U. SInce I do Not know how 2 do it, if U have the time, can U change the 5 songs listed as "others" to "These Times" bec they r on the new album, Please? I'm referring 2 The DS @Sellerville Theater - 5/11/19. If U r interested, I posted Stephen McCartrhy's set. thx.N35


I'm trying to add Amo Amo to the Musicbrainz site for you. Sometimes I can get the artists on there pretty quick, sometimes not. Glad to be able to help whenever I can. More later...
:) Tom

Hey livemusicfan...
Can you create a setlist for the group Amo Amo that is opening for Jim James on his tour that starts tomorrow night?
I tried to do this, but I'm not sure how to add a group to the database.
Thanks so much!

I'm still not getting any notifications, by the way. I chimed in on a forum topic which last had an entry in 2011, but it you know how to fix this, I'd love the help!

Hi, just saw your message, still not getting notifications. Yes, I went to the 2nd show at the Beacon and really enjoyed. A welcome change from the typical TAB show, hope it's not just a one-off tour. Some good new material in there.

I would say leave them as stand-alones as they are just “after party” shows and it is only B. Strings and Ghost Lights.

Holy Smokes!
Totally my bad.
I will have them deleted.
I was thinking it was for the actual festival not for the shows at Terminal West.
Best, Al

I added "Ghosts of the Forest" to musicbrainz, MBID: 7a901645-171b-45f7-9c2f-4e68c797394d. Should be available in 1-2 days, if you want to go ahead and change the artist name for the GOTF shows. Did you catch any of them by the way?

GOTF album was released yesterday! Maybe we can try again on musicbrainz now

@livemusicfan, I see, guess we can wait until the GOTF album is released and try again. As for Bob and Wolf Bros, I think that one should probably have its own entry too, just like Ratdog, Weir & Wasserman, etc. The "Campfire Tour" was different since it was literally billed as a Bob Weir tour.

On another note, I seem to no longer be getting email notifications for setlist changes and messages on my profile. I may have accidentally clicked "stop bothering me with updates" on one of the emails. I checked under "notifications" on my account page, but I can't figure out how to turn setlist notifications back on. Do you have any idea how?

Hi livemusicfan, shouldn't "Ghosts of the Forest" technically be a new artist, rather than listed as a Trey Anastasio setlist? TAB and Oysterhead appear as separate artists, so GOTF should as well.

I'm afraid I can't do anything more than you on musicbrainz. Somebody else asked me to import a CD by a Flemish singer which already existed. I noticed that releases have to be officially released before they can be imported here (didn't know before). Changed it, but after one week it hasn't been imported, not automatically not manually.

thanks for the quick response! big help


I'm seeing some inconsistencies on how sets are designated across Widespread Panic's setlist archive (some are blank lines, others Set 1:, Encore 1:, Set Two, etc.) - can you give me the best practices so I can go back and correct?

If possible, I'd like to have the Sets match those designated on Everyday Companion and related sites.

Happy to make the edits myself after given direction!


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