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I went to the Elvin Bishop/Charlie Musselwhite show tonight. They announced recording a new album together that will be out sometime this summer.

Once it's officially on Amazon or elsewhere, can make "Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite" a musicbrainz artist entry are re-title these shows properly.

Shame I couldn't see the Byrne show in person!

I'd say that if you know the room I would use it. I find that there are times when casino rooms use different names without any "official" name change or use slightly different name like "The Buzz Room/Buzz Room/The Buzz/Buzz Club" for the same venue. Sometimes I think it is better to just use the generic casino name for them. But there is no hard and fast rule.

There had been a weird glitch in the Kailua-Kona location. I tried to fix it around a year ago and it wouldnt take. I tried it now and it went right through.

Just an observation on recent Brian Wilson setlists. Personally, I think you were 100% correct when listing the 2020 shows with the note at the bottom "Featuring Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin". I think this pays tribute to the other two former official members of The Beach Boys. In editing a couple of the setlists, I even added your note back in after they had been previously been deleted because I thought it was the right thing to do. I am not sure why you decided to edit your own edit, as Brian Wilson's Website clearly indicates that Al and Blondie are permanent members of his band.

Bro! We are at a ton of the same shows. We need to meet up some time. Where will you be NYE? I’ll be at Green Leaf Rustlers.

Keep up the great work, oh fastidious one! Happy New Year!

I contacted the Hudson Theatre. Sarah, staff member there, confirms that Byrne plays the same setlist in the same order every night, including the single encore. Neither Patti Scialfa or Jerry Harrison alters the setlist. Accordingly, the setlists have been restored.

Hi...yeh it was me who listed all the shows as Damascus mistake. I have the UK tour programme and the tour WAS called The Final Fling tour. Also...there was a passing. STUART ADAMSON passed away and the Glasgow show in 2000 was his last Big Country show in the UK. Cheers.

I should have put a smiley after, so you could understand it's no criticism from my part.

OK it's your native language.

Thanks for the advice. Peace.

Concerning Ghost Light; FYI, all edits I make to Ghost Light setlists are on behalf of Ghost Light and are sourced either directly from the show or the live stream. Any uncertainties that may arise such as a new song are edited only after consulting with Ghost Light.


I don't mind personnally you adding the cover tag to a song played on tape (although I've never seen it) here . What's strange is that the cover tag is being listed as a song, this only is the case when the song is being performed by a group of which (one of) the composer(s) was also a member.
Since all 2013 Neil Young and Crazy Horse setlist probably began with the national anthem of the country it was performed in, you might start to update all the intro tapes.
PS. What you're doing is actually in the guidelines but you seem to be the only person doing this (or the only one I've noticed doing it)
Known Song from different artist e.g. Also Sprach Zarathustra @Tape @Cover[Richard Strauss]

I assumed you knew about the upcoming Radiators shows in NOLA in early 2020?

I will be there in 2 weeks. I have shows booked every night while I am there, of course!

Feel free to make any of the usual corrections you usually make though. I just didn't want you wasting your time explaining why "Guantanamo" is being listed as a Townsend cover instead of "Big Cigars" and having to do so again. And again and again. I plan on correcting that particular song which will be sure to be listed wrong meow than once after the setlist edits are more or less done

hi lmf,
got it - thanks! - matt

oops, my bad!


Thanks, re: L&M. When I changed those, there were more noted as the regular medley. Also, both the "Trilogy: " and the regular medley formats show up on the album stats for 'Sittin' In.'

So, I was just changing to the path of least resistance. :)

I saw that you went to Sleep and Big Business! Nice!
I am going next Monday to the show in Tampa.
It will be (X2) for Sleep and (X3) for Big Business.
Be well, AL-

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