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Hi there, I read that you attended several Blondie gigs in Maryland. Did you tape them or know of anyone who did? I'm interested in Blondie live recordings.

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the kind words. To keep abreast of what is coming, I just track the different club websites (930, Black Cat, Hamilton, etc...) weekly - takes about 10 minutes. Also, since I've bought some tickets online, I now get emails alerting me of upcoming shows. If you're a fan of the Jesus and Mary Chain, you may be interested in Slowdive (930 club 5/7) or Ride (6th and I 7/23).

BTW, I uploaded 2 videos from that show to YouTube. I Had A Dream and Looking For Lewis And Clark under the name Randy Lee. Check them out.

I sent a response. I'm not sure if you received it so here is another one. Yes Id like a copy. Tell me what I need to do.

Do you want a copy gelf67? I taped it.