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Sorry Antoine,

in those years the strange swiss guys kept all the tickets at the entrance.
I am sure you will get no luck as well to other visitors on this show.

Like many others we had a mobile ticket, for Phil Collins in Detroit.

was house photographer for this show so no ticket.

You asked about Phil Collins, Detroit concert. Sorry, this was an electronic ticket entry, so nothing I can actually send.

Sorry. Only digital ticket to the SF show.

Sorry for the delayed reply. I had a mobile ticket for the San Francisco show.

I had a mobile ticket

Yeah, I keep all my tickets

send me an email address

I have a scan from the Atlanta show. Let me know where to send it.

Sorry, I had a mobile ticket.

Hey, sorry I don't have a physical ticket from the Phil Collins show, they were mobile tickets.

please let me know if it got to you


I have the ticket (physical) let me know how to send it to you

I have a pic of my ticket, let me know how to send it to you

I think I dropped it on my night stand will check later!

Digital ticket for me from the Omaha show.

digital only ticket for phil collins.

Hi, yes, I do have paper tickets of the Pittsburgh show. I have photos on my camera, but the barcode is covered. I can provide scans in the next few days.

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