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You seem to be doing other edits before doing these which I asked you. Is there any reason not to do?

Please list all these up with Sanremo Festival Orchestra as main artist and all other guest artist with a @With tag in the order of performance
Same for all the other years probably.
You can find inspiration here

For medleys read on how to manage these.

You still don't seem to understand. If a cover is sung in another language than the original the song should be listed as a translation with the cover tag. This is not the first time I correct similar edits from you.

I cant find any reference to a name change in 2018 in the Wikipedia link that you provided. My Italian language skills aren't great though. Perhaps you could copy and paste the relevant sentences on my page for me. The English Wiki entry doesn't mention this but that one doesn't seem to have been updated lately.

After I changed the dates for Palazzo dello Sport in Rome I tried to find confirmation that the name was changed back in 2018 and could find nothing on the internet. Where exactly did you come up with that information?

Hi! As a regular user, you cannot change festival dates. Please don't try to fix dates by creating the festival again with new dates. You created Canzonissima 1962 ten times, that was unnecessary. If you want a festival to be fixed, please report it here:


Hi there, please don't post corrections to my user profile, I'm going to delete the messages to prevent other users to follow suit. The corrections for festivals should be posted to the forum. Along with - and here's the important part - a verifiable source to prove that your suggestions are indeed correct. That's why a lot of your suggestions get ignored - it's simply too much to ask to verify all of that.

Hey there, please listen to the advice moderators gave you and always provide a source. Also be careful when adding festivals, it's tedious to delete duplicate festival. As a last point: please don't create a second user account, that's against the ToS. cheers.

That is NOT the right way to change the dates for a festival. That creates a duplicate festival that needs to be deleted by a moderator. Please just report it in the forum like you are supposed to and then wait for a moderator to take care of it. Festival dates can easily be adjusted be a moderator. Finding and deleting duplicate festivals is a bigger job. As long as you put the correct venue and date the festival can be added later at any time. There's no reason to change things the way you are doing.

Honestly, it looks to me like you are purposely making incorrect edits. If people purposely make incorrect edits on the site then we don't allow them to make edits. Plain and simple... December 19th, January 19th. Please post a link to where you got those dates.

No that doesn't cover it. You didn't use any of those dates. Show me a website that lists January 19th and December 19th please.

If you want to keep making edits I need an explanation for changes like this:

You changed the date 4 times in a row without listing a source. Why? Please reply with a simple explanation and a source that lists the other dates you used. Thank you.

Please stop changing L'été indien

Please post to the forums.

Please be more careful when adding festivals that already exist with other dates.
For exemple one of your latest posts I guess you probably added this one first and later on you noticed there were also concerts on July 3 which were part of the festival. You created probably
Now you ask to merge these, it takes more time for us to delete the second festival than if you would ask to extend the date for the first.
So please put more care in the creation.
PS you can't delete any more messages because I took away your roadie badge.

I asked you to write your demands for changings on the forum sections and not to delete your demands on the forum sections and replace them with a 'done' comments so it's traceble who asked for the changes to be done.
Now you start asking again on my profile page to have some corrections done. Please follow the correct way.