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Thanks for following up

Let's not assume N artist opened on all tour dates unless we have confirmation that they did especially if it's not a show you attended. I am deleting the Rhett Miller show that you indicated you weren't sure about. If there are others please submit them to be deleted.

im curious, do u get compensated in any way by setlist, cus u spend a lot of time making edits, and they don't seem to concentrate on fav bands or venues or cities, which is all I care to update

At John Fogerty's show in Edmonton it was John who played Star Spangled Banner, Jimi Hendrix style. Shane featured on another song, but I can't recall which one.

I only saw the one song of Superet's set at ACL Fest so added it.

hey! i saw your comment on my page about greer’s set! i have a video of them covering the song and yep it’s the actual nmh song not their song aeroplane (trust me i had a phase where i was obsessed with that album in early high school) hahaha but i can send the video if you really want to see

Sorry RFV, I had to leave early too, not sure about the Frampton last encore song. Don't know if his son came out and jammed or not. were was the wrong date for the Camper Van Beethoven NOLA show in 1988. I had mis-typed the date on my taper master cassette has May 30, 1988, which makes sense, as its after Austin, before Pensaciola, and its a Monday night. All the "TUL Box" shows were on Monday nights! Thanks for catching that one for me!

I'll have to re-check the date on that Camper Van Beethoven tape. That was from my master tape of the FM broadcast from the WTUL-FM "TUL Box" concert that night. They always did a live broadcast, not pre-recorded. I might have written the date on my tape list. i'll have to check the actual cassette card/insert. Thanks for catching that one.

hi, crossroads sat 21 victory plaza, 2 missing sets, i skipped both cus inside had started, Steven Johnson with Dexter Allen, Reece Malone with Kelsi K?ee with Salvation From Sundown, none exists in musicbrainz except opts for steven Johnson but i don't know if any r the right guy since i did not see show

hi, crossroads Friday 20th victory plaza, Jacob Reese Thornton of Brotherhood of the Guitar played the 2nd slot 1.15 - 1.45, not set up on musicbrainz, everything else has been added for Friday, although im not happy with the doubling of sets when a duo or triple artist act

hi, i am curious how u know who is going to do their own set at crossroads, im going to both days and info i have received regarding the shows, is just the list of artists expected to be there, and that clapton will play a set each day and the note that all other artists may not play each day, if u actually have more info i would like to see it, thanks

Apology accepted. Probably meant as sarcasm, which is sometimes hard to detect in a comment. Rock On!

Hahaha. I blame for allowing us to opt in to living in the future, even tho their whole model is based on recalling the past. Hope you had a good time later on this evening!

It was amazing, you should've been there.

I came across some old adverts I saved from the club "Blitz". You posted a set list for Bauhaus from 2/24/81. The actual location of the club was 140 Hempstead Avenue, West Hempstead, NY (on Long Island). I saw The Revillos and Echo & The Bunnymen there. I've corrected your Bauhaus entry with the updated venue information.

Hey, thanks for reaching out. I was at that Cracker show but I got the setlist from an old message board and just transferred the information to I'm pretty sure it wasn't "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain" that they played but I can't say with anything close to 100% certainty.

I saw that you changed the setlist of NGHFB.
Could you add for Liam Gallagher (all the 2019 gigs) the Why Me? Why Not. tour?
My computer crashed and I dont know how that works on my iPhone.


The Chats play on Haldern Pop on the 9th, not on the 8th.

Note the Psychedelic Furs and James are joint Headline gigs thanks

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