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Adding festivals should be OK since some days again.

Thanks so much for getting that WFMU fest for me+letting me know that that function is working again!

Just the (scheduled) time of day would be great, thank you. There's a new feature that will make this smoother in the future, but for now a note in the setlist is enough.

I just noticed this setist containing information on their 5:30pm, 6:45pm and 8pm. You are definitely correct in splitting these into multiple setlist occurrences, thank you. But please do still make sure that you fill in the necessary fields to denote this.

Thanks for combining Bishop/Musselwhite.

I did similar on Musicbrainz a few years ago for Janis Ian and Tom Chapin, and they took it down.

i was waiting for someone else to confirm prob, thanks, b4 posting to forum which i did this morn

so its tomorrow and the old id cb5a451c-324a-4f89-9eb6-cf4f9322497a still doesnt import, it had been at least 1 hour after 1st import try, b4 i even asked u to try, if it was brand new add to db i wouldnt have asked, but the new ones were even processing very fast last week i actually had some go thru almost immediately same day add to musicbrainz, yes i get green like its gonna go and stays green even the brand new ones, but not full import

try something for me please, import a new artist (old existing on musicbrainz)
cb5a451c-324a-4f89-9eb6-cf4f9322497a , those usually import right away, wondering if prob is my system or setlist, thanks
The Sidemen (US bluegrass band, based at Nashville's Station Inn)

hi r u here right now

My mistake, when I created it I first put one day, because I forgot over what days it was spread. Then I added from April 12 until 20, but forgot to spread those days over the venue. This needs to be done when a festival is held in different venues over a different time period. All is OK now, deleted also Enuff.

I'm glad I could spread out the powerpop information.


It woould be better after you create one edition of the IPO festival in a new town to leave it after one edition before adding more. When there are more like for Stockholm, they need to be deleted one by one to have them linked to the main one.
Or else don't link them at all but telling the date and venues to have them created by a mod.
It's a bit complicated to link them to the correct main festival as long as other editions exist.

Thanks for updating all those IPO festivals. But some only have one setlist to them.
A festival is considered a festival when
All of the following points must apply to be considered as a festival:
Dedicated festival name
At least two performances
Definite start and end dates

Yesterday I looked at one of the links and there were some groups not listed which were already existing on musicbrainz, so it may be a good idea to import these, and create the others to make the listing as complete as possible. It's only a suggestion.
Be sure when importing newly created artists it's better to wait at least some hours before trying to import them. Otherwise you may have to end up waiting two weeks.
You may create an event on musicbrainz like performed at IPO

Thanks. I can't find anything on the "correct" artist so I deleted it.

Let us know if any International Pop Overthrow festivals were forgotten.

Who are you on StageIt so I can say hi next time...I'm just plain old "coffinjose" on there.

GREAT Dollyrots StageIt show today!

Sorry you missed the Dollyrots yesterday. It was fun! Usually about a week after the show, Will RIker posts it on youtube. So you can relive the chaos. thanks for the heads up on the Joan Jett StageIt. Didn't know about that. I'll see if I can get off work early to catch that one.

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