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Sorry if i entered an inaccurate date for CVB in Asbury. 90% of my edits are because i attended and any other is because i was relatively certain. But, i naturally could have erred in judgment.

Thanks! I will add more songs that I remember!

Yes, they played some songs like Secret or Like a Virgin!

3 musicians played a 27 minutes set of some fado and Madonna songs (no voice) before Madonna started (Jan 12). They were @gaspar_varela @miroca_paris @carlos.milhomens (this is the correct instagram of Carlos Milhomens) (instagram users).

Geez. Good catch! Thanks!!

I'm sure the admins are working on this. It's the same problem for everyone. Earlier this year or last year the same happened. It lasted also for several weeks.

OK for San Francisco's Stern Grove Festivals

Same to you.


Could you look up who wrote most of the originals of and add them?

Yes I went to BAM on 10/06 (regarding Madonna). At 10pm the band appeared in front of the curtain and played for about 20 minutes--the perfect way to calm the audience down. I wish I could remember the songs!

In response to your question, a few musicians played some acoustic instrumentals before Madonna's set at the October 1 BAM show.

Hi - in response to your question - The band played before the Madame X show started on the Oct. 1, but not on Sept. 18 or Sept. 26.

Yes, they did.

Yes, they did. They played some songs including some versions of Madonna’s song as secret, open your heart and some others.

Hey there, yes, a small band played instrumentals of a selection of Madonna hits prior to her Oct. 5, 2019 show in Brooklyn. I do not remember exactly which songs they played, but it was fantastic.

Yes, a small band opened with acoustic Fado musical versions of Madonna hits. I specifically remember “Secret,” “Don’t Tell Me,” and “Who’s That Girl.” They played more but that’s all I remember.

Hey there - you commented on my page asking about Madonna and the Fado Band. They did do an opening set on October 12, but they did NOT on September 28. First I heard people talking about it was October 5 or 6, so I don't know when they decided to do that, but they did NOT for at least the first week.

Yes. A few members of the band did play a small set of instrumentals of Madonna songs.

Hey you commented on my profile curious about the pre setlist to the Madonna concert I attended. They performed 8 songs total. 4 songs I did not know. And they performed Secret, Don't Tell Me, Like a Virgin, and Who’s That Girl.

Yes. Only the Chicago show.
There wasn't any of that the first 2 NYC shows.

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