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Hello FakeEmpire!
Happy New Year! Hope you had a blast at the GLR shows. My buddy was there. I was unable to make it. One of these days our paths will cross. Looking forward to meeting you. - lmf

FYI: Setlist.fm rules is the person who wrote the song wins out if they ever record it.

Hello FakeEmpire. At some point setlist.fm changed their stance on this. If the actual writer of the song ever released it. Credit goes to them. Feel free to follow up with a mod in case they reverted that decision. To my knowledge it still stands. - lmf

Hi! Unfortunately I think three separate setlists is the way to go for something like this for now.

I merged that Tom Petty show with the one from Mudcrutch on that same date. Regards!

Hi, please put soundchecked songs at the end of the setlist with @Info. Thanks!