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Kaiser's setlist for Kingston complete. Damm the dog on the line..

Thanks for asking about Take That @ MK Stadium. While I created the setlist, I live in San Francisco and was not able to make the show. They appear to do the exact same set every night, so I would be shocked if it is not this:

You see, you learned something.
Now read https://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Style/Language/English to see how songtitles are written over here.

First thing to do is create the artist on musicbrainz. Let's start slowly.

Please read the guidelines

Maybe you could explain what doesn't work, where you have problems.
It doesn't work might have several causes.
e.g. I can't walk might be because I'm sleeping, I don't have any legs, I'm paralysed, my leg is broken, I'm having balance disorder. Some might be cured, others not, but as long as we don't know the cause we may not able to help you.
It's better you read the guidelines I already sent you, so you may learn something. If somebody else has to solve all your problems (and those of others who can't add setlists), we won't have anything else to do.

Can sombody help me to add Roisin O'Hagan set from omeara 1.4.19 she supported Chris Shifllet 1. Dangerous Song
2. Coming Home
3. Dark Dark Light
4. Undone
5. Miss You Like June
6. Living In The Dark

Please read
If the artists doesn't exist create it at
Wait some time
import the imdb
PS I thought I'd have to leave you alone :)

Underneath every page there's some links, one of them is called guidelines, in these there's a chapter about festivals https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#festivalsHl

Please change all songs at https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/rudimental/2019/royal-albert-hall-london-england-393bda7.html with the @With[] tag for the guests so they appear highlighted, now the songs are listed seperately as a completely different song at https://www.setlist.fm/stats/rudimental-73de9e0d.html

Since you're the first person adding a setlist for this tour you first need to add the You're Stronger Than You Know tour before you can link the concert to an existing tour.

I don't have the complete setlist, but I found most of the songs on her instagram (tags & stories)

Do you want not so correct information to be spread?

Please do not create another occurance of the Streets of London festival when already one exists in the same venue (or even another venue when it's the same festival). I deleted it and linked it together with the previous edition at https://www.setlist.fm/festival/2017/streets-of-london-2017-43d7c77b.html

Hi there, I wasn't at the Last Shadow Puppets show on the 15th, but the setlist has been uploaded.