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Thanks to your support, I have completed the Melt-Banana setlists in September 2016. : )

Thanks for the addition. I have made some quick fixes. Later, will do more. : )

Thanks for posting Melt-Banana setlists in Japan. I have made some fixes on them. : )

Hey Alan, I saw your setlist of Billy Strings on 3/10/18 at Gasparilla and was wondering if you knew of any recordings from that show? Hoping to be able to go back and relisten!

Thanks for the clarification. By the time I saw them, they were called the Funky Meters. It'd be kinda like seeing Starship in 1985 and saying it was Jefferson Airplane. LOL

I was at the Funky Meters show at Nita's Hidaway on 03/13/01 and still have the ticket stub. The band was listed as The Funky Meters, not The Meters. I've tried changing it back but now it's not letting me. Why did you make this change?

dude, careful adding shows you didn't go to. Strawberry Girls didn't make it to this show, so this setlist needs to be deleted.

Hey man, is there any reason you're going through the Deafheaven setlists and removing the tour heading? There's literally no reason to do this.

I sure am. Tool and Judas Priest are my main reason for being here but it's fun wandering around for the weekend.


Maybe you know if 'Old Flames' which you corrected for Johnny Cash is the same song as
Don't know if you know this feature but by double clicking in the search box, you get the advanced option.

Thanks for the heads up there "Doc" Alan !
Regarding Adrian Belew' s Nashville show.
I am going to see Mr.Fripp and crew at the Grand Ole Opry even with my lament that Adrian will not be present. I did see King Crimson in my FIRST Concert in 1972 when I was 12 years old in a Skating Rink in Alexandria,Va. They played their set before HUMBLE PIE ! No Adrian (or Peter Frampton) at this show either.
The management and the boisterous audience took SEVERE issue with Robert's tenancy to play sitting with his back to the audience. There WAS MUCH ARGUMENT ! I had no clue back then as to just WHAT was happening . I was just rather stunned by the MUSIC I had never previously heard before. This was a 3 p.m. show ! Followed later by a 7 p.m. show. Different times and different days. ;^}

Two different venues, one kilometer apart.
That's another reason to put digital links so we might discover where the error came from.
It's strange no you list Botanique (which has several halls) as a written source, but put them under a different venue.

I'm wondering why you programmed all these four concerts at Cirque Royal / Koninklijk Circus in Brussels, while you write as a source Botanique

Ok no problem. If we decide it's wrong it can be fixed easily enough.

No problem helping out on the White Denim Tampa show! I listened to a bootleg recording of it on the ReListen app and wrote the songs down as I heard it. I was surprised no one had posted the set... sounds like a killer show!

I think we should start using the Roadie forum for these song discussions. They might get more people looking at them there.

From what I can find about the song "Minglewood Blues" it seems to me that it should be called "New Minglwood Blues" and credited to Noah Lewis, probably for all versions of it. I am not really familiar with any of the recordings other than the Grateful Dead ones but any other ones I may have heard always had the lyrics 'I was born in the desert, raised in a lion's den' which wouldn't be "Minglewood Blues" either.
As to the Dead's recording of "New New Minglewood Blues" the fact that they credit to Lewis makes me think that it should also be called just "New Minglewood Blues". All of this is still open to debate of course but these links seem pretty reliable to me.
I will post this on Ezralite's page too and see what he thinks.

Hey, please double-check the artist name next time you add Mestís setlists for the Plini tour. The correct name has the accent on the í.

Also had a question regarding Leprous tours; there's currently 5 or so different tours for the Malina cycle, with names like "Malina Tour 2018" and "Australia & Japan Malina Tour 2018". I'd like to merge all of them because I think those stats would be more interesting and these tours didn't really have official names, but I'm not too sure if that's correct. Any guidance would be appreciated!

I'm out of town the next few days but will take a look at it after I get home. Easier to do that kind of change when I'm not only on my phone.

Next concert I have lined up is the Children of Bodom at the Ritz, maybe I will see you there.

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