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Hi! Ok sure, thanks for fixing it! Happy 2020!

Thanks for fixing the “>” on 1/12; you beat me to it!

Hey! You recently edited the The Contortionists Setlist from Aug 10 2019 in Berlin. While you are right that the song "I Will Always Love You" is a Dolly Parton song, the intro playback was definitely the Whitney Houston cover version. Can this be specified using setlist.fms syntax? Thanks for the understanding and help!

Why did you change Ricky Skaggs to Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder at Volunteer Jam XX? He performed with the same band that backed the majority of the acts that night and with other artists. He did not play any songs as Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder.

Hey man question about that Asheville offshoot can we revert it back to the medley “//“ or can you add a bowitdaba tease? I don’t know how to add two notes on a song.

I don't know enough about Pigeons to be of much help... I only adjusted the more obvious. Are they a jam-band? Those sets (and EDM) seem to be fraught with issues.

Zlotnick is correct....not as it is here for his Pleasantville July 2018 apoearance ZLOTNIK. THANK'S, BA

Sorry Alan.... certain things i find impossible to navigate here. WHERE IS THE MESSAGE BOARD? thanks, benny

Hello there any way you can fix incorrect spelling of an act??? Dan ZLOTNICK from 2018 Pleasantville Music Festival. Thank you, benny

12/21 Horton Heat show was great! Sorry I didn’t do a better job recording the songs played; the list may have been the same as the recent Nashville show? Precipitation wasn’t too bad, although the awning leaked from time to time.

Why are you going through all the Queensrÿche gigs in the UK and altering them to show an encore? If the band doesn’t leave the stage it not an encore! You clearly weren’t there so don’t assume.

Hi, I will be sure to check the Masquerade's website before editing. On Nuclear Blast's website, they don't cite in which room the show takes place in. Thanks for the comment, and I will do as you said next time around!

Thanks for the George Clinton tour naming fixes. I both love and hate that setlist auto-changes tour naming... great when it's set up correct in the first place, annoying when it applies it incorrectly. :)

Hi Al,
Thanks for the work on the Masquerade. From what we've dug up I think that between 1988-1996 for the Ritz Ybor venue both Masquerade and Ritz were used, maybe depending on the promoter. Some well-documented shows (like Nirvana) definitely call it Masquerade and you have tickets that sa Ritz Theatre. If I had to guess I would say Masquerade was used almost exclusively from 1988-1992 and from 1992-1995 or 96 that both were but it's only a guess. I'm not changing any setlists as it seems okay to me right now.

Here's what I think the situation was. The Masquerade opened as a "bar" in the mid-1980s. Around 1987 they started holding shows at the Ritz and possibly other locations including their original location. I can find no info on when the original bar closed. From 1988 to the mid-1990s many of these shows were held at the Ritz but the Ritz probably held other "non-Masquerade" shows. So from around 1987 to the mid 1990s we are guessing where these shows were held unless someone knows for sure or attended a particular show.
Do you think this is plausible?

Thanks for the info. I'll add that to the venue notes.

Make all the changes that you think should be made. If the site doesn't let you let me know and I will see what I can do. We can always create temporary work arounds or aliases that can be removed later if they will speed things up (like a temporary alias for Ritz Theatre) or whatever you need. I'd like to get a street name for the earlier Masquerade if possible. I have a couple other sources to check for that too.

Alan, regarding your changes to my Willie Nelson setlist: you say the Hank tunes are always in a medley, but listening to the tape there is a distinct ending and space after Jambalaya. The other two are more ambiguous, but I say not a medley

Thanks for the info. Did we ever find out where The Masquerade was before it moved to the Ritz Theatre? I know they held some shows at other venues but it's been so long I've forgotten any details I might have had and can't find (or am blocked) the sources I saw back then.

Re: Bungle, Yeah, I lucked out with the AmEx presale on wed and got a ticket to the SF & LA shows... I may still try to get a ticket to the 2nd LA show... I'm flying down on points; so at least that'll be cheap. LOL

Re: Zorn, I decided this year to see Zorn any chance I could... so I'm flying to NYC for his Village Vanguard run in Oct/Nov. I lucked out in that it wasn't Bagatelles, but the New Masada Quartet (with Julian Lage on guitar). See Masada with a guitar focus should be interesting.

Hot tip, Zorn has done residencies three times at The Chapel in SF... two in May; so I'm putting May on my "fly to SF" radar from here on out. :)

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