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I see that you changed the spelling of a song on the set list for Peter Rowan 7/11/86 that I created. This is the second time this has happened by two different "roadies". I have no idea why the two of you both insist on using an incorrect spelling. The song in question is "Midnight Moonlight" This is the way it is spelled on every album that it has appeared on, including the songwriters own credits. It is NOT spelled "Midnite Moonlite" ! If you don't believe me, a simple fact check before you make an edit would have backed me up.

hi r u here right now

Anytime. : )

Let me know when/if the State Theatre reopens with its new name and we'll update the venue information pages at that time.
Thanks for the heads up

Can you remove this setlist from the Lollo2020 festival:
It is a separate setlist.

Hello, may i help you to create more Sevendust concerts that was not added to from this
P.S. I can't add setlists cause i have editing ban

Referring to your comment on my profile: yes, now I'm positive

Things are good here. Yeah, same situation... I had about 30 shows cancelled. Got most of it back in refunds, though some are still pending. My last show was Tool in Portland (I was going to see them the next day in Eugene, but everything got cancelled).

Ben Folds (and BFF) setlists are usually a mess. The improvised songs & RTBs are annoying, as they almost never follow guidelines, so I usually stay away from his sets, LOL. :)

Can you fix the Soulfly setlist for March 2018vat Higher Ground?

Can't find any word online about the Ryan Hurd show you posted at Delmar Hall. Not listed on his website. Other show at that venue in this date cancelled. Link?

I did stay for Charlie Daniels. It was not canceled. Great show!!

haha, yeah... crazy... and a lot of them were ones I was going to... d'oh!

It looks like the intermission was never listed in the first place. Putting @Tape with songs before and after will make it say "intermission" but how you did it works fine too.

Thanks for the heads up Al. It sounds like it will definitely open up sometime in the near future so I'll take the closing date off now. Give me a shout when it does reopen and I'll add some info about how long it was closed.

No worries, I understand. I have not yet been able to found more details (for the 2016 edition I found the original program/booklet). Cheers.

Back in November 2017 you added 7 setlists supposedly for a venue Explore The North in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. This however is a festval not a venue! See:

Good question... the jam bands tend to be OK except for all of the ">" and medley confusion... the EDM tends to be just wrong. Sometimes I wish I had Mod/Admin rights just to bulk edit EDM. But then I realize "I don't care enough" and I close Firefox. :D :')

Yeah, I noted that after I made those Mods. I'll post in the Classical forum post.

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