Tutorial: How to Add or Edit a Setlist

Some basic stuff first

  • This tutorial is intended for users who have never edited or added a setlist.
  • You'll need a free account in order to contribute to setlist.fm.
  • You'll have to abide by The Guidelines (last updated Jan 28, 2020) when adding or editing setlist.
  • The example shown in this tutorial is made up, the concert didn't take place and also isn't on setlist.fm.
  • None of the videos in this tutorial have audio commentary, so just keep your background music playing while watching them.

Add/Edit Artist, Venue, Date

You'll get to this page either by clicking the Add Setlist link in the top-right corner of any page or by clicking the Edit venue & date link in the info box on the setlist page.

Start typing in the artist and venue fields and select the shown values. Then, select the event date, add a source for the setlist and click Create Setlist. That's it. After clicking, the setlist will be created and saved. You'll be then redirected to the page where you can add songs. The rest are optional (however recommended) steps.

Video: How to add artist, venue and event date.

Add/Edit Songs

You'll get to this page either by clicking Create setlist on the page where you've added artist, venue and event date or by clicking the Edit setlist songs link on the setlist.

Here's where it gets interesting. There are three options now:

  1. Submit a blank setlist (or leave the page if you don't want to see the confirmation page where you can add yourself as attendee)
  2. Add songs using the line-by-line editor with a nice autocomplete feature
  3. Add songs the old way with just one text field

You can switch between the two "Add songs" options by clicking on the tabs Line by Line or Text Field.

If you're unfamiliar with the second way, for the sake of rock and roll, use the easier line-by-line editor!

The basic rule is: one song per line and an empty line before each encore. So just start typing in each line and select the song from the list. If it isn't in the list yet, it's safe to write the song into the line and proceed with the next line.

Video: How to add songs.

Optional Step: Tour

You'll get to this page either by clicking Edit tour of this setlist after submitting the setlist or using one of the Edit tour links on the setlist page.

Video: How to add the tour.

You might want to know

Advanced: Add Festival

Most of the times the festival gets added automatically by the system. If this isn't the case, just click the "Add to festival" link in the "Edit Setlist" dropdown on any setlist page.

Please note that this isn't basic anymore and needs some understanding how festivals work. So if you're unsure and don't feel comfortable adding a festival, just post your concerns to the Website Support Forum.

Anyway, here's the procedure how to add or select a festival:

  1. Once on the page, you'll get a list of festivals in the surrounding area of the setlist's venue.
  2. If the festival you're looking for is in the list, select it, click on Continue and continue reading this list at point 4.
  3. Click the Add a new festival link. You'll get two input fields. The first one is mandatory the second isn't. Read the hints there carefully, fill out the field(s) and hit Continue.
  4. Depending on whether someone else already has already added a festival on the date you provided, you'll now see either the name of the festival or a new form. For the former continue reading at point 7 for the latter, read on.
  5. Enter the name of the current occurrence of the festival. Have a look at the examples provided there, it's pretty easy.
  6. Enter the first and last day of the festival, hit Submit and continue reading at point 8.
  7. Select the festival in the list and hit the button starting with Found it!. If the festival date isn't in the list, click Add new dates. and resume reading at point 6.
  8. Done!

Advanced: Shortcuts

Ok, this is advanced stuff and not for you first-time editors. There's a way to add songs to a setlist a lot faster and without clicking at all. So here's the table of shortcuts:

Command Status Action
TAB Autocomplete suggestions shown Select next autocomplete suggestion.
RETURN Autocomplete suggestions shown and one selected. Add currently selected suggestion to song line.
RETURN Autocomplete suggestions not shown. Confirm song and jump to next line (or adds a new line if no next line).
ESC Autocomplete suggestions shown Hide autocomplete suggestions if visible.
ARROW DOWN Cursor at last position of song line Jump to next song line (if any)
ARROW UP Cursor at first position of song line Jump to previous song line (if any)
BACKSPACE Empty line. Delete line dialog appears.
SHIFT + ARROW UP Autocomplete suggestions not shown. Move song one position up in setlist.
SHIFT + ARROW DOWN Autocomplete suggestions not shown. Move song one position down in setlist.