Deep Purple Embark on EU Leg of Final Tour, See Highlights!

Deep Purple, once known as the "globe's loudest band," are bringing their same energy and vigor to the stage as they did more than 50 years ago as they play the EU leg of The Long Goodbye Tour. Embarked upon in 2017, The Long Goodbye Tour can be considered the band's retirement tour according to drummer Ian Paice.
"We enjoy playing onstage, but we have to be real about life, you know? So this will be a major world tour, and when it's finished, we'll see how it feels."
Never fear though, while this tour may be their last, the band has been adding more dates, most recently announcing a massive 2020 European tour, which will kick off in October 2020 and will feature Blue Oyster Cult. The band has also announced that they have completed and will release a brand-new studio album in 2020, making this the rockers' 21st and the first album since 2017's Infinite.
As for the current tour, the band has been playing old favorites as well as supporting their most recent album, Infinite, with a 15-song setlist, check out the most recent one below!

Deep Purple 12/1
The band has been kicking off their shows with the hit "Highway Star" from their 1972 album Machine Head, which was one of the earliest influences that kickstarted the heavy metal genre. With this legacy, the band makes sure the crowd feel the energy, ripping into their guitars on this heavy track. See a performance below!
Deep Purple "Highway Star"
The band moves into a medley of hits, from "Demon's Eye" to "Time for Bedlam," highlighting the band's evolution and progression over the last 50 years. The rockers then go into "Keyboard Solo" from their album Solos, showing the rockers' prowess as musicians. See a performance below!
Deep Purple "Keyboard Solo"
The band has been ending the nights with "Black Night," off of their 1968 album Deep Purple in Rock, taking the audience back to when the band started and culminating a night of heavy metal and nostalgia that leaves the audience feeling sweaty but satisfied. See their closing performance below!
Deep Purple "Black Night"
See Deep Purple at their remaining dates and their 2020 tour dates listed on their website!

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