Setlist Spoilers for Wilco's "Ode to Joy" European 2019 Tour!

Wilco kicked off a European Tour a couple of weeks ago in support of their upcoming, 11th studio album release Ode to Joy, due on October 4th. They commenced the trek in Norway and will wrap up in the UK on September 28th, taking a short break before kicking off a North American tour in October after the new album drops.
Wilco have been tesing the waters with new songs off Ode, having live debuted four new songs on opening night alone. Their setlists have been long though, making more than enough room for older songs as well. To read about all the nuggets they've been throwing into their setlists in Europe, then keep reading!
How many songs do they perform each night?
Around 26-29!
What song do they open with?
On opening night, they opened with "You Are My Face," but since then, they've been starting the night with new lick "Bright Leaves."
How many songs off the new album do they perform?
Eight! There are 11 tracks on the album, for reference.
"Hold Me Anyway"
What other albums do they pull from?
All of them! They pull the most from their seminal album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot but have done a little of everything.
Do they perform anything from any of the members' side projects?
They've been doing Billy Bragg & Wilco's "California Stars" and Loose Fur's "Laminated Cat."
How about cover songs?
They performed Daniel Johnston's "True Love Will Find You in the End" on September 14th in memory of Daniel Johnston who passed away that same week. No other covers though.
"True Love Will Find You in the End"
Do they do any encores?
Yes! Normally they will do five whole songs!
Are the setlists the same each night?
They tend to change it up, and you as a fan have the opportunity to request a song you want to hear ahead of their show! You can do that over on their website.
What does their most recent setlist look like?
Check out their gig from September 15th below, where they tour debuted "Dawned On Me" and "Passenger Side"!
Can I see the full tour dates?
They just expanded their fall tour, you can find the updated dates over on their website!

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