Andrew McMahon Played 22-Song Sets at 3-Night Drive-In Concerts

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness breathed live music back into Southern California as he performed the first drive-in concert in the area. The SoCal native did a three-night stint at City National Grove of Anaheim, July 10-12. KT Tunstall opened each night.

The kickoff night sold-out, proof that people are eager to get back to concerts, even it means a whole new normal for the time being.
So what does the new normal look like for a concert in the midst of a pandemic? The drive-in concert designated several spots for each car, all socially distanced away from one another. People had the option to get out of their cars and tailgate or set up chairs and tables in their designated section. Others opted to sit on the roof of their cars to experiment head banging in a whole new way.
The audio was heard through an app called Mixhalo which brings the soundboard mix straight to the fans bluetooth or earbuds. There was also a radio station that fans could tune into to hear the sound, much like a drive-in movie.
To use the restroom, fans had to reserve a spot through the app to avoid lines. They could also order food, drinks and merch through an app.
So how did McMahon's performance go down? Him and his band treated fans to a setlist that featured a performance of Jack Mannequin's debut album, 2005's Everything in Transit. 2020 is the 15th anniversary of the debut.
After performing the album in full, McMahon in the Wilderness went on to play songs that hit on all corners of his career. Fans got treated to cuts like "High Dive" and "Ohio," Something Corporate songs like "Me and the Moon," and a brand new song called "Get On My Wave," which he debuted on night one (July 10th).
He also did a proper encore, rounding out the setlist to 22 songs! Check out the entire setlist from the July 11th performance, which was also live streamed, here:
Andrew McMahon

While we're all navigating life through the COVID pandemic, we're also trying to crush another, racism. McMahon has used his platform to also combat this other dangerous disease.

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