Dead & Company Wrap 2019 Tour w/ Traditional 2-Night Boulder Run

Dead & Company wrapped up their epic summer tour this weekend following the Fourth of July holiday. They finished off with their annual two-night run in Boulder, Colorado's Folsom Field.
The tour's grand finale started off on July 5th with some pesky weather getting in the way of the band's traditional half-and-half two set layout. Instead, they performed two songs, "Not Fade Away" and "Cold Rain and Snow," before having to take an 80 minute break for the weather to calm down.
D&C returned to the stage and to resume the show. They managed to still seam the sets together by starting off with "Bertha" and then finishing it off with a reprise of "Cold Rain and Snow." By the third song in, "Ramble On Rose," Bobby Weir exclaimed that there would be no more breaks -
"So, if you gotta take a break, don't wait on us!"
The set carried plenty of the classic Dead jams like "Box of Rain," "China Cat Sunflower," "Terrapin Station," and "Casey Jones."
Dead & Co 7/5/19
They ended the main set with "Morning Dew" before delivering a two song encore of The Band's "The Weight" and then "U.S. Blues."
Dead & Company
The second and final night, July 6th, was business as usual. D&C intro'd the night with a pleasant improvised jam that led into "Scarlet Begonias" which segued into, as you could guess, "Fire on the Mountain." Two bonafide reggae inspired jam tracks that pair together like good cheese and fine wine.
The set then carried three Jerry Garcia cuts in a row! "Loser" into "They Love Each Other" into "Bird Song." During the triple threat, Mayer offered a rollercoaster of emotions as he started them with ease, going into high pace, and then back to laid-back.
The first set ended with "Don't Ease Me In." For the last half of the show, they did 11 songs which fired off with Weir's 1971 tune "Playing in the Band." They did deep cuts like "Eyes of the World," "Standing On the Moon" and "Days Between."
"Playing in the Band" 7/6/19
Somewhere in there they did a jam that teased "A Love Supreme" by John Coltrane which was followed by a heartfelt rendition of "Althea." The main set ended with "Not Fade Away" before D&C came back out for a three song encore! It included a reprise of "Playing in the Band." Check the full setlist below!
Dead & Company
While their tour is officially over, the legendary jam band announced during their last show their annual Mexico concert vacation, Playing in the Sand. It will take place January 16-19 in Rivera Cancun.
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